By Alexis Wolfer

Whether you’re currently washing your brushes and find yourself in need of a cosmetic touch-up before they’re dry, you’re on the run and didn’t want to carry your entire makeup bag with you or you’re just looking for the latest trick in flawless makeup application, look no further than your own fingers.

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Not only do your fingers provide the body-temperature warmth that brushes can never mimic (perfect for heating your products to the ideal temperature for optimal application, coverage and finish) but also each of your fingers has a different pressure point (meaning that each of your delicate digits can apply makeup in a slightly different manner, just as your collection of brushes does). So, toss those pricey brushes aside, wash your hands (a must!) and learn how to apply your eye makeup like a pro – using nothing more than your own hand! Galit Strugano, celebrity makeup artist and the creator of Girlactik Beauty, shows us how to apply makeup with our fingers for the perfect makeup look.

How To Apply Eye Makeup With Your Fingers

Concealer. Use your ring finger to apply under-eye concealer. With its particularly soft touch, your ring finger can pat product perfectly around the eye area, without pulling the skin (a culprit in the fight-against-wrinkles). Using your finger will also warm any creamy concealer to the ideal temperature for a cake-free finish that will provide the under-eye coverage you’re looking for, without enhancing any fine lines or wrinkles (in the way some poorly blended concealers can).

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Eyeshadow. Use your index finger to apply any eye shadows. This finger provides a little more pressure (helping your to spread the shadow more evenly) but still has that soft touch. Plus, it’s the most dexterous of your digits, so it will also allow you to apply multiple colors in precisely the right places. Just be sure to start with the lightest colors and work your way to the darkest so you don’t need to wash your hands repeatedly throughout the process. If, however, you’re looking for a more dramatic, smoky eye, use your middle finger to create the definition in your crease. It is not only your longest finger (meaning the others will be easily out of the way) but also provides the most pressure, ideal for framing your eye.

Highlighter. Your pinkie is perfect for applying makeup to those hard to reach parts (like the inner corner of your eye where we all love a little eye-brightening sheen) as well as for applying products that your want to keep subtle (like shimmery shadows or luminzer creams!). Plus, your pinkie has a light touch so you won’t accidently glob on makeup when you’re trying to be precise!

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