How To Eyebrows: How To Find The Best Brow Shape For Your Face

Professional eyebrow experts (the good ones, at least) can, just by looking at you, know the most flattering brow shape for your face. When looking in the magnifying mirror with tweezers in tow, however, the vast majority of us fall considerably short in the perspective department. We have trouble seeing our own faces as they are – and even more trouble visualizing the best shape for our brows. Follow these tips from eyebrow expert Rima Khan (the founder of s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar) though, and you’ll never end up with a misplaced arch again (unless, of course, they “I just had botox” look is what you’re going for!).

Determine your face shape…

Before you get plucking, it’s important to figure out the shape of your face. And while this may sound easy enough, trust us: it’s not. So, either find a brutally honest friend with a keen eye for art and shapes or do this instead (we know, it sounds weird, but it works!). Looking straight in a mirror, use a dry-erase marker (an eyeliner or lip liner will do too!) to trace the shape of your face onto the mirror. Step away and look at the shape to see if you have a round, heart, oval or square shape.

If you’re face is round:

It is best to keep a fuller brow with a slightly angular shape in order to both frame and elongate the face. The arch, in particular, will help make your face appear more oval.  It is very important that women with fuller faces don’t make their brows too thin, because it will make the rest of the face look fuller. It’s all about balance.

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If you’re face is heart-shaped:

Since heart-shaped faces already have angles, keep your brows softer, with a rounder arch in order to balance a more pointed chin. If the brow is too arched, you’ll look permanently serious, so aim for a straighter brow with a soft, subtle arch.

If you’re face is oval:

Keep your eyebrows medium to full for the greatest facial balance. Oval faces can handle a higher arch, but don’t go crazy! Follow your natural brow shape and keep it natural.

If you’re face is square:

Keep arches softer and more natural because to balance the angles of your face. Your ideal brow shape is a fairly straight line from the start of the brow to the arch and then a slight curve after the arch.

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For all face shapes:

The inner edge of the eyebrow should start directly above the nostril (determine this is by holding an eyebrow brush or pencil vertically along the side of your nose, straight up to the brow). To see where your brow should end, hold your pencil diagonally from the middle of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Unless have a strong, natural arch, determine the highest point of your arch by placing a pencil from the middle of your nostril to the outside of your iris.

And always remember… when in doubt, put down the tweezers and see a pro!

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