Red Lipstick That Lasts

By Tayler Bartman

You don’t have to hire Taylor Swift’s makeup artist to achieve the perfect red lip.  With a few products, and the right technique, mastering the romantic red lip can be done within the confines of your own home.

Step 1:  The key to achieving any bold lip is to hydrate your lips.  Cracked and peeling lips will make your lipstick bleed and look uneven.  At The Beauty Bean, we recommend using Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($6.29), an inexpensive petroleum based treatment that can be found at any drugstore. After leaving it on your lips for no long than five minutes, wipe the product off with a tissue.

Step 2: To get a long lasting lip apply a red lip liner over your entire lips. Find a shade that will complement the lipstick you are using.

Step 3: Apply a red lipstick.

Step 4: To ensure that your red lip will not bleed take an angled brush, such as one that you would use to line your eyes, and dip the brush into any compact powder that you may have and trace it below your lip line.  (Tip: if you went a little overboard with the powder or if the shade was off and you now look like you have compact powder mustache, no worries: just take a blending brush and buff in.)

Step 5: If you prefer matte red lips, then your finished.  If you feel, however, that your lip still needs to be cranked up one notch add a gloss on top.  A clear or dark pink lip-gloss will make your lips pop.

Pucker up.