How To Pick The Right Eye Shadow For Your Skintone

While here at The Beauty Bean we’re firm believers in rocking whatever makeup or fashion look makes you feel confident, if you’re struggling to find the right eyeshadow shade for you, try considering your skintone to pick the most flattering shade for your complexion!

If you have dark skin…

Avoid Ashy Shades. Ashy or white shadows can appear dull (or even invisible) on darker skin, stick with more vibrant hues which will tone down when actually on your skin.

Go Deep. Soft shades will fade away on darker skin (great for a natural look, not so great if you’re looking to make a statement). If you want your eyeshadow to stand out, stick with warm shades rich in pigment, like metallic golds and purple berries.

How to wear bright eye makeup beautifully!

Boldly Line. While grey and brown eyeliners are great for a subtle look on women with fair skin, for all your gorgeous ladies with darker skin, make sure to stick with dark, bold eyeliners.

If you have fair skin…

Get Away From Gray. Sure, a silver smoky eye can seem like a great idea, but for all you fair-faced ladies, you’ll more likely look bruised than beautiful – so steer clear!

How to apply eye makeup with your fingers!

Stay Sheer. Sheer washes of pigment will appear more highly saturated on pale skin than they will on darker skintones. Soft taupes, cool pinks and soft greens will all be flattering, but highly pigmented shades can overpower your natural beauty.

Contour Lightly. When contouring your eyes, stick with eyeshadow colors only a few shades darker than your natural skintone – otherwise, your contoured lids will overshadow the rest of your eye.

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