How To Take A Better Selfie

10 Tips For Taking A Better Selfie

Want to take (even) better selfies?

Turns out that there’s an art (or is it a science?!) to flawlessly creating this modern day self-portrait – and Luis Casco, lead make-up artist for Project Runway, spills the beans in his new book #beautiful: 50 Easy-To-Create Selfie Beauty Looks.


Want to get a jump start? Here are 10 of his best tips for taking a better selfie.

Your Instagram followers will thank you later.

How To Take A Better Selfie

Light is the most important. Find it! It’s as simple as that. The best light is usually the soft light that you find while facing towards a sunny window. This will give a soft, natural look. But don’t get too close to the window or the picture might get washed out.

Contour is great…when you can’t detect it. Avoid heavy foundations or concealers and instead apply bronzer over the areas of your face you want to recede. Then use a clean bigger brush to make sure it looks well blended.

Know your side. Hollywood divas know what this is all about so why shouldn’t you?! While taking a selfie, make sure you take plenty of options to figure out which side of your face looks better in photos. Can’t figure it out? There are studies that say that the left side of our faces show the most emotion and seem to be the most appealing. So, when in doubt, try your left side.

Skincare is key. Add a brightening serum to your beauty routine to help your skin to look great, even without a filter! And remember that when using any product that has sunscreen you will most need a slightly darker foundation or powder to compensate for the lighter, ashier tone it often gives your skin.

Don’t ignore the lips. Dry, cracked lips will show in your selfies so make sure you use a lip scrub and moisturize them well before applying any lip color.

Clean the lens. How many times have you taken a great selfie but it looks a bit foggy or blurry? It might be your camera lens. Clean it the same way you would a pair of glasses by using a soft cloth. It’s obvious, but a lot of people ignore it.

Angle down. Place the camera right above your eye level and angle it slightly down. Most people won’t look their best with a selfie taken from a low angle. Instead, the higher the camera is, the larger your eyes will look.

Look up. By looking slightly up to the camera you naturally open up the eyes and they will look larger and brighter.

Hide your arm. Avoid the “arm in the shot” selfies by holding the camera at a 45% angle, instead of keeping your arm straight. This will hide your arm and give you a cleaner, prettier picture.


Have fun. Take plenty of options and experiment- all you have to do is delete any pictures you don’t like!