How To Wear Bright Makeup (And Not Look Clown-Like)

By Tayler Bartman

Bright up, ladies, and incorporate bright hues in your makeup routine! Whether you opt for an electric blue eyeliner or orange lipstick, colorful cosmetics are a quick and easy way to awaken your face, showcase fresh, dewy skin – and brighten your mood too.  Plus, it’s a great beach look too!

Sure, you may feel self-conscious parading around with bold colored liners or lips, but at The Beauty Bean we have a few suggestions to help you pull off this fun trend – without looking clown-like! So, here’s the scoop…

Location, Location, Location. You can wear bright colors on more than one area on your face, (heck, if you’ve got the confidence, rock it!) but, if you want to appear a bit more subtle, use vivid colors on either your cheeks or your lips or your eyes – but not all three.

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Rules? What Rules? When picking colors, listen to good ‘ole Nike and “Just Do It.” There are no rules. And definitely don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors – in fact, they can help balance each other out.

Lesson Learned. Bright eyeshadow may have been cool in the 80s, but now we know better! Boldly colored eyeshadows can actually distract people from your natural beauty (and make your eyes appear smaller!), which is why here at The Beauty Bean we recommend using bright colored liquid eyeliners instead!

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Double Up. A great trick is to use the same colored eyeliner, but in two different shades and to layer them! For instance, use  one darker and one brighter shade of turquoise to line your lids. Place the darker hue as close to your lash line as possible and the brighter shade on top. Add a bold berry lip and keep your cheeks neutral to complete the look.

Nail It. This bright eyes and lips are too much for you? Add a punch of color to your nails for a bold and beautiful look that’s not too scary!

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