Instantly Whiten Teeth With Makeup

By Rosilyn Rayborn

So, you’re getting ready to jet out the house and just before you grab your keys, you glance into the mirror for that last once-over before heading out, and you discover that – gasp – your pearly whites aren’t quite as pearly as you’d like.

There’s no time to pop in Crest 3-D Whitestrips, let alone stop by the dentist’s office for a quick Zoom session. So what do you do? A magic trick of course!

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By practicing this no-fail trick using a common product that you probably already have on hand, you can magically whiten your teeth! No gels, no creams—all you need is a tube of red lipstick and voila!

But, not just any red lipstick will do. In order for this magic trick to work, dab on a blue-based red lipstick and watch your smile become brighter before your eyes!

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Now for the big reveal: the science behind this magic trick lies in the blue-base of the red lipstick.

Because blue is found opposite yellow on the color wheel, when it’s put by teeth it negates the yellowing effect. Which means, orange-based reds will have the opposite effect—making teeth appear less white. The same concept applies to eyes as well—if you want your peepers to look whiter, use blue eyeliner.

Not much of a red-wearer? No worries—any blue-based lip colors will have the same yellow-cancelling effect and there are even sheer blue glosses that are made to be worn over any lip color to whiten teeth, like Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Cyber Gloss in Alurabliss.

Of course, there’s no substitute for maintaining a healthy dental care regimen, but you’ll want to keep this little trick up your sleeve any time you want an instant tooth-boost.

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