Makeup at the gym causes breakouts and more…

By Tayler Bartman

Here at The Beauty Bean, we encourage going sans makeup as often as possible. Not only does it give your skin a chance to breathe, but also it encourages you to tap into your Real Beauty.

Our Makeup Free Mondays mission aside, we know that lots of you are rocking a full face of makeup at the gym and, well, we’re hoping to change that.

Why wearing makeup at the gym is a bad idea…

Don’t you want to detox? Breaking a sweat (which, ideally you’re going to do when exercising), is a great way for your body to naturally detox (and why breaking a sweat can feel so cleansing). When you’re wearing makeup, though, you’re making it nearly impossible for those gnarly toxins to exit. Ditch the makeup and you won’t need that juice cleanse!

The Detox Diet That Won’t Leave You Hungry!

Bring on the breakouts. When your heart rate rises and you start sweating, your pores open to release sweat. If you’re wearing makeup, though, it even more problematically, the makeup on your skin seeps into those now open pores. The result: clogged pores, breakouts and a dull complexion!

A “makeup-stache” isn’t cute! Remember your last intense workout when you went to wipe your upper lip only to leave a ring of makeup on that formerly white towel your gym so kindly provides? Well, you just wiped off the makeup from right around your mouth, revealing your natural skin tone underneath and, voila, you not have the “makeup-stache.” Trust us, it’s not a good look.

Makeup is a crutch you need to ditch. Too many of us depend on makeup to give us an emotional boost, but you’re beautiful just the way you are. Our guess is you’ve convinced yourself that your complexion belongs in a Proactiv commercial; when in reality your skin is fine. We are too harsh on ourselves. Don’t just give your skin a break… give yourself a break from the self-loathing!

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