Makeup Tips: When to SPLURGE & When to SAVE

Should You Splurge On Makeup?

By Cat Woods

Torn on when to splurge and when to save when it comes to makeup? Your’e not alone! We’ve tested the you-may-as-well-take-out-a-second-mortage-they’re-so-pricey creme de la creme, to the drugstore favorite you all know and love to find out where it’s worth splurging and when it’s better to save.

Foundation: SPLURGE

When you’re putting a product over the entirety of your face, it better perform, which is why we love Armani Luminous Silk ($62) for lighter coverage (it’s best for olive or tanned complexions) and Dior Diorskin Star Studio Foundation ($50) for heavier coverage (it’s best for uneven skin tones, since it contains licorice to help to even skin tone).

Concealer: SAVE

Budget brands often hit the mark on blitzing blemishes – and you can toss them into your handbag, gymbag and bike basket without worrying about losing a pricey investment. One of our favorites: Rimmel Hide The Blemish ($5.19), a long lasting formula that works well both over and under foundation and prevents spots from getting any angrier.

Mascara: SPLURGE

Want major flutter power without the irritation? Splurge on Clinique. We’ve used several from their range of mascaras and all of them are flawless! Especially fabulous: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10), which fabulously coats your thinner, shorter lower lashes, and is definitely worth both the cost of an addition product and the minimal room it will take up in your makeup bag.

Lipstick: SPLURGE + SAVE

Ah, our not-so-secret addiction. Pink, purple, peach, nude…they are the perfect way to change up any look. If you have a signature shade, definitely splurge since pricier formulas often have anti-aging ingredients and better wear. We love Tom Ford Lip Color ($50) for more traditional hues and Lipstick Queen ($20 – $50) for bolder, riskier shades.  Prefer to switch up your shade or likely to lose the stick after a few swipes? Look for less expensive formulas, like one from NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipsticks ($5.99), a makeup artist cult favorite!

Remember… there are certain brands that do EVERYTHING well, certain brands that do SOME things well, and certain brands that don’t do anything well and, sometimes, the price tag isn’t indicative of performance. Listen to beauty editors and read online reviews or ask makeup artists what they personally recommend so you’re sure to spend your money wisely.