Keep These Products In Your Purse To Look + Feel Your Best All Night Long

Whether it’s the clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve or any other party that will continue into the wee hours, late night events mean wanting to look and feel your best well after your horse-drawn carriage threatens to turn back into a pumpkin (Cinderella-style). Assuming you lack a Disney-like magic wand, and prefer not to pack everything but the kitchen sink in your cute clutch, we have you covered with these must-haves that will ensure the only thing on your mind is a midnight kiss, not whether your makeup is running, your eyes are red, or your hair is a mess!

What To Put In Your Purse


Fashion Tape – Be prepared for any wardrobe malfunctions or fashion emergencies (like loose hems and buttons that won’t stay shut) with Hollywood Fashion Tape ($9)! It’s a stylist’s secret that every woman should know about – and will ensure you look hot (not like a hot mess) in all the pictures bound to pop up online by Monday morning.

Eye Drops – When bloodshot eyes have you looking sleepy, a few drops of Rohto Cool Redness Relief ($6.79) eye drops will have you looking bright eyed in no time!

Lip/Cheek Stain – Perk up any dull, washed-out complexion with a dab of a rosy cheek like RMS’s Lip2Cheek stain ($36) stain that doubles as a lipstick too!

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Oil blotting wipes – the flash of a camera always adds sheen so come prepared with oil blotting wipes from Boscia ($10) to absorb oil without disturbing your makeup. Forgot the wipes or run out of room in your purse? You can use a paper toilet seat cover – a clean one, of course! – to blot your face too!

Foot Petals – You have to wear those heels for at least a couple hours (if for no other reason than to show off your sexy shoes); so, why not protect your feet in the meantime with Foot Petals Stiletto-2-Go kit ($19.95)? You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll be protecting your fabulous feet too!

Coconut Water – Feeling and looking good both during the party and, especially the morning after, requires some serious hydration. Be sure to stock your fridge with a couple bottles of coconut water before you head out and chug when you get home and in the morning to keep yourself hydrated.  Our pick?  Zico Coconut Water.

Have a next day brunch you need to look fab for? Ward off the hangover-look ahead of time by putting caffeinated eye cream in the fridge before you head out for a cooling, de-puffying treat when you’re home late; put Boots No7 makeup removing wipes ($6.99) by your bed so you have no excuses and chug that coconut water!

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