By Diana Zarowin

You may know Noureen DeWulf from her role on Anger Management, starring alongside Charlie Sheen, or from the recently premiered Burning Love, a hysterical Ben Stiller produced spooof of The Bachelor, where Noureen plays one of the women vying for the attention of the main man, but this will make you see Noureen as a Real Beauty.

We sat down with star to talk Real Beauty, to get the inside scoop on both of her shows, find out how she deals with the pressures of body image and the perfect beauty regimen for darker-skinned ladies!

So tell us about your shows… Burning Love premiered yesterday and it’s a spoof of The Bachelor, which is amazing. Ben Stiller produced it. I play one of the girls vying for the bachelor’s love. It’s a pretty funny series! I’m really excited about this series and to see what people think about it. And Cee-Lo is guest staring on this week’s episode [of Anger Management], which is very exciting, and I love him! He’s from Georgia and so am I, I’ve always been a big fan of his. I was very excited about it [when I heard]! In this week’s episode, Lacey (my character) decides she’s going to try her hand at being a lingerie model – that was pretty intimidating for me – it was hard to shoot!

How do you combat the pressures for beauty and body image in your industry? It’s hard, you know. It’s hard to strike a balance because you want to look a certain way and you really want people to think you look beautiful. At the same time, you  also have to be authentic to yourself and be healthy and fit. And that’ll make you feel beautiful about yourself, which in turn will make other people think you’re beautiful. It’s a process that starts on the inside. And I won’t say it isn’t frightening to shoot a scene in your lingerie… because it is!

How do you define beauty? Beauty is defined by authenticity. When I see people do things that are true to themselves, that’s very beautiful. People can’t judge that. When something is truly authentic, it’s hard not to see the beauty in those moments.

What can we find in your makeup bag right now? I love to use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I also love Armani Foundation – both have great color for darker skin. I use NARS for bronzers, eye creams and shadows. I also love Kate Somerville products – they’re my all time favorite product line as far as treatments go! Dior mascara, MAC gel eyeliner, Benefit blush– it warms up your face beautifully and I love their packaging! As far as glosses, I do a lot of different kinds of glosses. I do Dior, Clinique Chubby Sticks and NARS.One thing I like to avoid in my products is glitter. The past couple of years have a lot of makeup with glitter in it. I don’t like that.

Since your husband [Ryan Miller] is a professional hockey player, do you ever work out together? We do work out together in his off season – that’s the only time I can really hang with his kind of workout!  I’ve learned a lot of tricks from his goalie workout. I’ve adapted some of those moves and take on some of his workouts with my trainer, because they’re great for body alignment. I think working out is so important for my mental and physical health and I’ve learned how important working out is for your life. Fitness is really one of my platforms.

What advice would  you give to your younger self? Do you! An older lady once told me: always do everything the best — I thought it was a strange comment at the time, I wasn’t able to process it. But now as I get older, I understand what she meant. I think it meant to always strive to be the best and put out the best work and be your best self. Try your best to be your best.


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