Pick an Eyeshadow Palette Perfect for Your Eye Color

By Elizabeth Monson

Generally, we say that there are no rules when it comes to makeup, but we are fans of certain tricks and tips that help us look our most beautiful. Using eye shadow to enhance your natural eye color has always been in fashion, but thanks to some great new techniques and products, it’s never been easier to do. The Beauty Bean sat down with N.Y.C. New York Color makeup artist and expert, Mathew Nigara, to bring you the ins and outs of using eyeshadow to compliment your eye color.

Makeup artists always seem to instinctively know which colors to choose to make our eyes shine the brightest, but don’t be intimidated, you absolutely can do this at home. The ideal color should not only brighten your eyes, but also must compliment your skin tone.

To pick the perfect color, go back to art class and pick up a color wheel. “I have always relied on the basic color wheel that we all used in art class at one time or another to select shades. Usually the colors directly opposite work well for a more daring look. The colors to the left will help to achieve a more wearable everyday eye makeup,” recommended Nigara.

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–  Blue eyes tend to be the most easily manipulated by color, as they can read as gray, vivid blue, or icy with the appropriate color choice.
–  The most logical choices are purple and shades of lavender—using these will give the eye a true gray blue tone.
–  Rust colored shadows are an edgier choice that will make your eyes look almost electric. Anchor rust with a teal gray for a dreamy affect or neutral brown in the crease and outer edge for a bit of drama.
–  “I love making a smoky eye with blue eyes especially. Smoky Eyes always look best with a light eye color,” Nigara advised.

–  Beautiful mustards and warm peaches will give a brightness and natural flair to a green eye.
–  Anchor these colors with a mink chocolate shadow to give intensity and richness or a cool taupe for a modern look.
–  Golds are also a choice to highlight and add dimension.

–  Brown eyes are best enhanced using rich jewel tones, such as burgundy. Warm browns are also a great safer choice.
–  Rich navy and midnight blues give brown eyes a sexy dramatic effect.

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–  Always have an arsenal of neutral shadows to layer more dramatic colors on top of.
–  Most complimentary colors will look more dramatic on your eye, but if applied with confidence and a soft touch they will make your makeup more interesting and beautiful.

–  Again, there are no rules in makeup, but try not to choose colors that are an exact match of the actual eye color; it tends to look dated and old-fashioned.
–  Apply the color too heavily so that we see the makeup and not the eyes—the makeup should enhance not overpower the face.

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