Snooki: On Lipstick & Self Tanner

We often feature celebrities in our On Real Beauty column but that seemed like a bit of a stretch here. So, we decided to talk with Snooki about lipstick and self-tanner instead. With a new lipstick hitting shelves, in collaboration with KA’OIR Cosmetics, the queen of leveraging her now-way-more-than-15-minites of fame is puckering up, Jersey Shore style, of course, with a haute limited edition lipstick shade named… wait for it… Snookilicious ($21.99). And while we’d usually be hard pressed to take beauty advice from anyone on the Jersey Shore (both show and beach), we’re ready to consider an exception for Snooki’s vivid, matte and bold custom pink lipstick shade.

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Think your idea of the perfect lipstick is very, very different from Snooki? Think again. In looking for a new lipstick Snookie says, “The color needs to pop on my skin! Also the texture needs to be moisturizing on my lips.” Can’t disagree with that. And who doesn’t like a pop of pink to paint on her pucker?

As Snooki told us, “[I’m] very excited [about my collaboration with KA’OIR]! Makeup is my thing and I’m honored to have my own lipstick. I love Keyshia’s style and boldness. It reminds me of myself and we have the same beauty mentality. Her lipsticks are everything that I love and I’m so excited to have my own ‘Snookilicious’ lipstick.”

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What’s next from Snooki? “I use my own self tanning products from Supre that will be out in the fall. I love them and can’t wait to share it with my fans.” If anyone knows self tanner it’s probably Snooki, so stay tuned.

In case you worried that becoming a mom would change Snooki’s over-the-top beauty style, fret not. (On that note, if these are the types of things you usually worry about, please stop.) We asked. And while Snooki says, “being a mom is just an amazing experience,” she was quick to point out, “I still love the same makeup and still do the same routine when it comes to beauty…my make up style will never change.” Phew. If you bought stock in self tanner (or the Bumpit), you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

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