The 5 Biggest Bridal Beauty Mistakes: How To Be A Timeless Beauty

Talk to many brides a few years after their wedding day and many dislike their wedding pictures. They regret their hairstyle, wonder what they were thinking with regard to their eye shadow choice and more. Sure, it’s important to love how you look on your wedding day (for obvious reasons), but it’s also important to be able to look back on that day – years or decades later – and love your pictures too. So, we sat down with Chad Hayduk, Makeup Artist and Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, and Julianne Carlucci, Bridal Makeup Artist at Three Custom Color Specialists to get the facts on how to be a timeless beauty on your wedding day – and ensure you’ll love your pictures years later!

Do A Trial Run. The hairstyle you saw featured in a bridal magazine may be just what you think  you want for your special day, but it may not work perfectly for your face shape. If you can, make sure to do a trial run with your hairstylist (or yourself!) to make sure you love the hairstyle on you (and not just that you love the hair style!). Similarly, test out your makeup too! Pink cheeks may look pretty on the model with porcelain skin, but may not work with your yellow undertones.

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Steer Clear Of Trends. Every bride wants to be a timeless beauty – but take just one look at a wedding picture taken more than 10 years ago and you can almost always date the image (give or take 5 years) because, well, too many brides get caught up in the trends. Don’t get us wrong. Here at The Beauty Bean we love a good beauty trend as much as the next girl. What we don’t like, though, is the idea of our children looking at our wedding pictures with the same wide-eyed (and not in a good way) look we give to so many of the wedding albums of our parents’ generation. (Our own parents clearly the exception.) As we mentioned, and Julianne confirms, that smokey eye or sparkly shimmer you saw on some hot celebrity on the red carpet may look gorgeous, but when you look back on your pictures you don’t want to date yourself. Stick with a look that’s classic and pretty. Plus, you want to look like you (and not like you’re playing dress up!).

Stick To The Plan. Don’t let last minute jitters or opinions change what you’ve planned. You’ve likely spent a lot of time planning your dress, your hair and all of the elements on your wedding day. So, think twice before switching anything around if your mom or a bridesmaid makes a comment the day of.

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Take Practice Pictures. As Chad explains, the white dress acts as a reflector in pictures; it will bounce light around the bride and towards her face. So make sure to test out how you will photograph beforehand (taking into account outdoor vs. indoor lighting, fluorescent or incandescent lights, etc.) because you may find that you’ll need a slightly darker foundation or a slightly more heavy application of eyeliner, blush or lipstick.

Don’t Forget The Groom. Brides spend so much time getting picture-perfect, it’s important for the groom to look great, too. Before a photo session, take a quick second to dust on a touch of translucent powder. In some cases, Chad’s even used a tiny bit of matte bronzer to “groom the groom!”

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