The Mascara Cocktail: How To Mix Up Your Mascara For Better Results

By Rosilyn Rayborn

When it comes to lashes, any makeup maven worth her salt knows that the sky is not even the limit—you want lashes as tall as the Eiffel Tower, as full as your belly on Thanksgiving Day and as well defined as the term “sexual intercourse” in a post-Clinton sex scandal world. And, oh yeah, absolutely no clumps allowed.

For such a stiff order, one mascara just won’t do. Times like this require a mascara cocktail: a specially- crafted blend of the perfect mascaras designed to give you super-lush lashes. And, lucky for you, we’ve mixed up the mint julep of mascara cocktails!

The Mascara Cocktail Recipe

1 part Verhoeven Sophistique ($18 at

1 part Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! ($19 at

1 part Maybelline Falsies ($6.39 at

Begin with Verhoeven Cosmetics Sophistique mascara. This mascara is great for lash separation and the formula contains garnet, a mineral that maintains lash definition and it picks up even the most sparse lashes. Of course, you could wear Sophistique alone, but where’s the fun in that?

Next up: Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara. Nicknamed “push-up bra for lashes,” this is the perfect 2nd layer to our indulgent cocktail. This mascara stretches lashes to heights you never knew possible and it’s all-natural!

For semi-permanent lashes, try LashDip!

Now that we have definition and length, all we need to do now is turn up the volume! And the final ingredient in this cocktail, Maybelline’s Falsies, does just that! (And, with a price-tag under $7, this is your drugstore’s best kept secret!

Here you have it: the no-fail mascara cocktail guaranteed to give you definition, length and volume. But, as with any indulgence, dip responsibly. Check your state’s lash regulations because this mascara cocktail just may push your lashes over the legal limit of lusciousness. You’ve been warned.

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