Want Thicker Eyelashes? Try This!

Think the key to thicker, fuller eyelashes is finding the perfect mascara?

Sure, it coouuulllddd be (if you’re not using one of these, maybe you should!) but no matter your mascara formula or your wand’s brush, you can always up the ante… or now you can!

So, how, you wonder, can you get thicker eyelashes no matter your go-to mascara?

The secret: your concealer!

Yup, the same product you use to conceal a pimple or cover under-eye circles could be the best mascara primer on the market.

While it’s essential that your concealer is non-medicated (you don’t want any pimple-fighting ingredients near your eyeballs!), almost any formula will do – though the thicker, gloppier, and most I-can-conceal-anything-you-throw-at-me concealers will have the most dramatic effect.

Use a clean lipgloss brush (they’re small enough to get to those tiny little corner lashes) to apply concealer to your lashes. Lightly brush with powder to set before applying mascara on top.

Then bat those lashes, beauty!

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