Celeb Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow Says, “Conceal Your Brows” (Sorta)

It’s rare we stumble upon a beauty secret backstage at New York Fashion Week that we haven’t seen (or at least heard of before).

What can we say? We’ve been doing this for a while now…

When we run into Tina Turnbow, though, all bets are off.

And, well, we should have known we’d be in for a surprise when we were invited backstage at the Hernan Lander show at New York Fashion Week where celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow was doing the makeup for NYX cosmetics.

Inspired by the idea of a universal brotherhood of man, with eyes open to one’s surroundings and those around you, Tina put all the focus on the models’ eyes.

With matte skin (thought to resemble a canvas) and nuded out lips, the eyes were abstractly painted in greys, browns, golds and slate blues to almost resemble marbles.

The key to achieving this look: layering powdered eyeshadows over creamy pencils with glittle patted on for depth and brightness.

The real eye-opener though (literally) was the lightening of the brows.

Lighten your brows?! Fret not. Unlike the bleached-out brows we’ve seen in seasons past, though, the brows backstage at Hernan Landers Fall/Winter 2013 presentation at New York Fashion Week were subtly lightened from the arch out towards the far ends, using the NYX Wonder Pencil, to literally open the eye more.

Tina suggests we experiment with dabbing our concealer on the outer third of our eyebrows and/or only filling in the inner two-thirds of our brows in order  to look more bright eyed and awake. And, well, if Tina says we should: we should at least give it a shot!

Just remember: the effect is subtle, not bleached like in seasons past.