By Alix Turoff

Flawless skin, great clothes and a toned body mean nothing if you’re not taking care of your pearly whites. A killer smile completes any look which is why it’s so important to use only the best products on your teeth. We tested everything from innovative toothbrushes to the latest at-home technology in tooth whitening and now we’re telling you how you can get your best smile ever. After all, “a smile is worth a thousand words.”

Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Toothbrush, $52.99,
Consider this the iPad of toothbrushes. This rechargeable sonic toothbrush is the slimmest and lightest on the market. Generally, electric toothbrushes are a bit too rough for sensitive teeth but the Pulsonic has two speeds: “clean” and “sensitive” which allows you to pick a  mode which is comfortable for you. The pulsonic promises to reduce 94% of surface stains in 2 weeks and we noticed significantly brighter smiles after just a few days. Because the brush is so slim, you can get to the hardest to reach areas of the mouth. The brush comes with a second precision tip head which is good for cleaning between the teeth. After 2 minutes, the timer pulses to let you know you’re done!

SuperSmile Whitening Pre-Rinse, $16,
A mouth wash is a mouth wash is a mouth wash, right? Not when you throw Supersmile’s Whitening Pre-Rinse in the mix. The scientifically proven formula, developed by the President of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics, helps remove bacteria, promotes a healthy mouth, freshens breath and also helps whiten teeth. What sets it apart, though, is its ability to restore bonding, veneers, caps and dentures to their original whiteness too!

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Oral-B CrossAction Pro Health Toothbrush, $3.99,
If you’re not into the electric toothbrush thing, why not try a different spin on the classic toothbrush? Plaque tends to accumulate in the small spaces between teeth, but most regular toothbrushes can’t reach these crevices – hence our love for this CrossAction model. With its 16° angle, it’s perfect for getting those hard to reach spots, ideal for all of you coffee drinkers out there (we’re not exempt!) who pay the price of their habit with the color of their teeth. By removing 99% of plaque, reducing gingivitis and removing those pesky germs that cause bad breath, the Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush is the most affordable and effective choice when it comes to traditional brushes.

Luster Premium White 7 Toothpaste, $6.99,
This breakthrough toothpaste just hit stores in April and has already garnered tons of praise. With scientific backing, this whitening toothpaste was one of our favorites. The paste has 7 whitening agents which make it twice as powerful as other brands we tried. The formula contains eubiotics, a blend of 45 essential oils patented as Citranene, to enhance mouth health. We loved the minty fresh flavor, the smooth texture and the fact that it comes in power white and anti-sensitivity formulas.

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Glide Floss Picks, $3.49,
These are the perfect size for throwing in your bag to freshen up post-meal. We’ve always found traditional dental floss to be hard to handle, but these picks make flossing so much easier. The floss, attached to a handle, is so simple to slide between our pearly whites, making mid-day dental care easier than ever.

Go Smile Touch Up Ampoules, $10,
Keep stains from sticking with these single-use ampoules perfect for polishing your teeth after eating or drinking. Available in fun flavors like watermelon mint and green apple, these deliciously refreshing touch-ups not only keep stains from setting into your teeth and freshen your breath, but also practically double as dessert they taste so yummy!

Luster 1 Hour White Tooth Whitening System, $44.99,
We love Crest Whitestrips but we decided to try something new. The picture on the package looked so legit we couldn’t help but try this whitening system. It looks fancy but it was so easy to use. Just rinse using the mouthwash, brush on the whitening gel and shine on the activating whitening light. Repeat this process for 1 hour to get the best results, but your teeth will appear white after just 10 minutes. This dentist designed system can make your teeth up to six shades whiter in only 1 hour! Never again will we trek to the dentist for in-office whitening treatments!

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