Why You Should Never Apply Powder With A Brush

Red Carpet Beauty Tip: Never Apply Powder With A Brush


When it comes to looking and feeling our best, there are few people with more real-life-ready tips than red carpet makeup artists.

Heck, if anyone needs to nail their job it’s the people responsible for celebrities looking picture perfect at events when they can’t control for lighting or edit the pictures after the fact.

So when celebrity makeup artist and in-house makeup artist for Composure Magazine, Archangela Chelsea, told us that one of her best beauty tips was to never use a makeup brush to apply powder, we listened!

“During Red Carpet season, my clients always request for me to make sure their makeup stays all day yet still looks dewy and not oily, especially on their T-Zone. My tip is to use a powder puff to apply powder on the T-Zone instead of brush. By using a puff, you will make sure that the powder is there to set the makeup instead of brushing another layer on top, or displacing the makeup you have already applied.”

So, ladies. Toss the brush and buy a powder puff instead. We are!