By Alexis Wolfer

Real Beauty isn’t about what you look like – it’s about who you are, the beauty you exude from within. Age, height, weight, eye color, hairstyle and more are completely irrelevant. (Just check out our Real Beauty interviews with celebrities if you don’t believe us!)

Yet many of us are wrapped up on age. We think of youth and beauty as interconnected entities, so entangled in one another that the thought of separating them seems impossible. But it’s not. So, to all the women who tell me they’re “too old for Makeup Free Mondays,” this is for you.

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Just yesterday I was watching the queen of quotable moments herself, Oprah (of course), who, during her Life Class on aging beautifully with guest Cybill Shepherd said, “”When you lie about your age you are denying that part of your life…the years you have earned…those experiences…your existence.” It was an “a-ha” moment, as Oprah would say.

When you lie about your age, fib and say you’re 5 years younger, you deny the existence of 5 full years of life. You erase 5 years of love, loss, adventure, experience and happiness… when really you should be celebrating your life lived.

An anti-aging workout!

What does this have to do with Makeup Free Mondays? Well, celebrating your age and appreciating your Real Beauty both have to do with embracing yourself, your skin and your age and celebrating the beauty in the experiences you’ve lived, the smiles you’ve had, the life that has made you, you. It’s about celebrating the skin you’re in, au natural and embracing and loving your Real Beauty.

So, celebrate your Real Beauty with us by joining us for Makeup Free Mondays, not matter your age!

Is your makeup aging you?