By Alexis Wolfer

When I first launched Makeup Free Mondays, I had high hopes of women across the globe joining me in forgoing makeup one day each week to put the focus back on inner beauty and wellness and to give back too. And while that certainly seemed like a lofty goal, it seemed nothing short of insignificant compared with the goal of my Mom following suit.

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While my Mom is my best friend and my biggest fan (and I, hers), and I never had any doubt of her support of the Makeup Free Mondays movement, the idea of her doing just about anything without makeup seemed out of character, to say the least. And, well, highly unlikely. (We’re talking about a women who, while undeniably gorgeous sans-cosmetics, would sooner be caught in a nightgown than without makeup.) Needless to say, my Mom, much to my surprise, quickly joined the ranks of women around the world joining us on Makeup Free Mondays. (Her pretty face, makeup free, was even featured here just a few weeks after the movement began.) And while she doesn’t do it every week, she has come a long way in embracing her own inner beauty (because anyone who has ever known her undeniably sees her inner and outer beauty radiate).

Not only has my Mom embraced Makeup Free Mondays for herself, though. Rather, she has also been a steadfast advocate too. So much so, in fact, that just last month I received an email from all my Mom’s Longboat Key Club tennis friends saying that they were all joining Makeup Free Mondays. They even had a photographer (Mary Lou Johnson) document the occasion for me! (My gorgeous Mommy is in the back row, 5th from the left!)

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Back: Karen Nuckols, Jan Holly, Hotel guest, Sue Brown, Carol Wolfer, Isabella Paspa, Joanne Forche, Cathy Goshorn,
Middle: Marcia Gutridge, Hotel guest, Dawn Holland, Mary Ann O’Neill, Sonya Wieder,
Front: Bonnie Wilder, Jean Tarsy, Fran Ferguson, Joyce Welch, Bea Uzielli

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