The Iconic Doll Joins Makeup Free Mondays

A photo posted to ImgurΒ and attributed to artist Eddi Aguirre shows Barbie without makeup, a few freckles, a pimple and under-eye circles, making her, well, I’m not sure…

Sure, she looks less attractive. (Or is this just because an overly sexualized and made-up Barbie has become the ingrained beauty ideal for young girls who played with the iconic doll – myself included?)

Sure, she’s receiving backlash, as any celebrity “caught” makeup free – as if it’s a crime – often is. (Thankfully Barbie won’t be crying herself to sleep.)

Sure, she has under-eye circles that are screaming for some DIY under-eye circle remedies. (But who wouldn’t working 108 jobs over 50 years!)

But what does it say about us that a “star” (Barbie, Katy Perry, etc) without makeup is newsworthy?

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