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Okay- so I will start with a confession. Alexis asked me months ago to try Makeup Free Mondays and do a guest blog post on my experience. In a moment of bravery, I agreed and subsequently went into hiding to avoid actually having to follow through. As much as I wanted to support her Real Beauty movement, for some reason Mondays always seemed to be the day of the week I had a big meeting or a television appearance and going sans foundation was simply not in the cards. After all, I am not 25 anymore. Not to mention that the beauty industry is my business and it felt somewhat sacrilege not to pay homage to it daily with the makeup routine I had honestly come to revel in.

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Then, six weeks ago, I had a baby. And Makeup Free Monday turned into Makeup Free Everyday, at least for time being (yay for maternity leave during the most miserable winter on record, huh?). Taking advantage of the temporary excuse to hang out in sweats and fuzzy socks instead of dresses and high heels, I opted out of makeup in favor of an extra few minutes of much needed sleep.

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Much to my surprise, I am really enjoying the feeling of a clean face. But the one product I have discovered to be the most important to looking and feeling human? Mascara. So, while I still like to lacquer on a coat of my go-to Ultraflesh Panthera, I am quite proud of my ability to forgo the rest of the makeup menagerie. I look at it like a badge of honor for a skincare regimen well done.

There is one little luxury that allows me to really feel confident makeup-free: a good, clean blowout.  Something about a fresh scrubbed face calls for perfectly smooth hair. And Monday’s squeaky clean locks can turn into Tuesday’s soft waves (thanks to the magic combo of Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, Hot Tools 1 1/2” curling iron and L’Oreal Ellnett) which naturally call for a flushed pink cheek, glossy lip and shimmery lid. And after a Makeup Free Monday, I think I earned it, right? Hmm, or maybe I will just throw it up in a ponytail and savor one more day in leggings and a sweater, letting my skin breathe.

A romantic updo for next-day hair!

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