For curvy women everywhere (and boys of all ages and types) tomorrow is a big day. At the strike of midnight, Sports Illustrated’s yearly Swimsuit Issue launches – making 17 models household names. And while many of you loyal Beauty Bean fans may see The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as contrary to our mission of real beauty and healthy body image ideals, we’d like to argue otherwise.

Not only does Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue celebrate curvy women of various sizes and shapes and heights (don’t get us wrong we’re not arguing that this is a realistic portrayal of the breadth of beauty across the world, but it’s a step in the right direction), but also it recognizes its models by name, interviews them and celebrates who they are, not merely how they look. Sports Illustrated made models more than hangers for fashion or pretty faces for beauty campaigns. And that’s something we stand behind. And in celebrating healthy, athletic, curvy (and yes, sometimes skinny) women, SI has helped us not only to see beauty more broadly, but also to celebrate the woman behind the pretty faces and enviable bodies.

In the same vein, as the model’s of Sports Illustrated celebrate body diversity, they too celebrate Real Beauty – showing not only their bare bodies in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue tomorrow, but also their bare faces here on The Beauty Bean. More than that, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stars Brooklyn Decker, Julie Henderson and Chrissy Teigen have all spoken with us about Real Beauty and stripped down to join us for Makeup Free Mondays. (Just click their names to read more!)

So, tomorrow, celebrate these gorgeous Real Beauties by checking them out in the newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – but, in the meantime, celebrate Real Beauty here on The Beauty Bean with Brooklyn Decker, Julie Henderson and Chrissy Teigen, makeup free and, all 3 of them, Real Beauties all around.

Happy Makeup Free Monday!