By Carmindy,

Makeup Free Mondays is an absolute great idea and a good program in practicing total inner beauty. I often go sans makeup every now and again so jumped right on this challenge. I think it is good for every woman to do this and reminds us to meditate on wonderful and beautiful thoughts about ourselves. Inner confidence and self-esteem is the first step to true beauty and before you even put on a slick of eyeliner or a swipe of gloss you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. By taking good care of your skin, by eating a diet rich in antioxidants and using products infused with them as well you will ensure that you will look as great without makeup on as you do with it.

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A great skin care regime is also key because you need to pamper your face, as it will be with you for life. When you are makeup free, celebrate your inner goddess and walk tall. No hiding under hats or behind sunglasses either! You should face the world head on. Smile more, beam from within with your inner light and whatever you do no negative thoughts are allowed.

If you pass a mirror and you hear that negative inner voice, silence it immediately, then say a positive internal compliment. Practice makes perfect, as those voices can be very loud and hard to drown out. Your positive inner voice needs a lot of practice, as it’s so much easier to let the negative inner voice speak up. Eventually, the positive thoughts will triumph and you will feel empowered bare faced and all.

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If you hear from friends or loved ones “you look tired” just smile and say, “I’m wide awake and beautiful!” Watch what their reaction will be. It will be funny, as they will almost look dumbfounded. Have fun with it and rejoice in the freedom of feeling fully and truly beautiful. You don’t need others to make you feel beautiful feel it on your own.

I have been practicing this for years as I was not always so sure of myself and had many years where I wouldn’t think about leaving the house without makeup. So If I can do it so can you. Your unique natural beauty is who you are and should be celebrated so go for it!

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Carmindy a world-renowned makeup artist who has worked with top magazines like InStyle, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and is the makeup host on TLC’s hit show What Not To Wear.