By Mandy Ingber,

I decided to join my ExerciseTV friends for their Beauty Bean Make Up Free Monday August Challenge, because I have gotten a lot of confidence being make up free. As a fitness instructor, it isn’t very practical for me to wear make-up, so I am used to being natural.

I have found that this helps to give me confidence, as people see the real me. And my inner beauty. I am not hiding underneath anything, and so I feel more open, and as a result, people are free to be more open with me. I would feel awkward breaking a sweat and having the eyeliner running down my cheeks when I was in a perfectly good mood anyway :)

Sweat-proof makeup, if you really can’t resist…

There’s more about going bare that I love… I love what it says about being a woman. It says, “I am confident and happy with myself as I am, I don’t need to put on a good face. I don’t have to pretend or create an illusion, or perform for anyone in order to feel beautiful.” It says, “See me as I am, flaws and all.” It says, “I am REAL.” It says, “If you wake up with me… this is what you get.” I have met my last couple of boyfriends at the end of teaching a class where I was sweaty and had no make up, with my hair in a ball on top of my head. What a great secret! I have often asked myself, why do we even get dressed up and brush our hair… guys seem to like it just fine as it is. That allows me to feel confident that when we go on a date, they like me as I am.

Being make up free makes me feel famous. It’s true. Nothing makes me feel more famous than when I am wearing a baseball cap, sweats and no make up. That’s what a celebrity wears on a non-work day…or to a jaunt to Fred Segal’s…incognito. To have the confidence to be casual is a personal goal for me.

See how joining Makeup Free Mondays can give confidence to others!

My Day Makeup Free:

8 am:  wake up and meditate.
8:45 am: leave in a flash…I don’t have to put on any make up!
9:30-11 am see a client. (they too are make-up free)
11:30 am coffee (caffeine free)
12 noon:  meet with assistant (she was make up free!) to go over new content, etc.
4pm:   off to teach another client.
6:30 pm: make up free date with boyfriend.  Man, is he good looking… and no make up!
8:30 pm: no need to take off my make up!
9 pm: journal, and imagine what color gloss I may wear tomorrow

Being Natural and Real is Beautiful and Sexy!

A top model agrees! Click here to see what Brooklyn Decker has to say about Real Beauty.

One of LA’s most popular yoga and spinning instructors, Mandy’s celebrity clientele includes names like Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields and Jennifer Meyer. Mandy’s yoga practice dates back to childhood and her style blends personal experience and humor which has allowed her to work with everyone from pro-athletes to cancer patients and teenagers to senior citizens with little or no fitness experience. Mandy’s mantra is helping everyone access his or her inner athlete, regardless of his or her fitness level.

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