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We always suggest that you remove your makeup before you fly, so why not ditch the makeup for entire trip? Less to carry! Traveling effects our skin in multiple ways, from different air and water to the different foods we eat. The Beauty Bean’s Makeup Free Mondays Kit for contains products that will not only help to combat these effects, but will also bring out your natural beauty. All of The Beauty Bean’s picks are useful to have with you everyday in your purse, gym bag and, of course, when you’re traveling because they’re all refreshingly quick fixes.

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No time to wash your hair? Does the bathroom in your hotel room give you the creeps? Blow’s Faux Dry Shampoo is a super lightweight powder that works for all hair types and colors, and has a clean smell. No time to wash your face? Feeling oily? Want to wash the sunscreen off your face before you hit the beach bar? Ole Henriksen’s Truth to Go Wipes clean, exfoliate, hydrate and tighten your skin. Had too many cocktails the night before? Yes to Carrots Cucumber Eye Gel reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles and tightens and cools your skin. Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick is a great substitute for lipstick or gloss because it’s hydrating and adds a subtle shine. Last but not least, nail lacquer from SpaRitual is a great way to protect your nails from the effects of traveling and also to add a pop of color.

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We created so people can look and feel their best wherever they are. is the only place to find over 50 top beauty and personal care brands exclusively in travel sizes. We don’t carry makeup on the site (we may one day), but looking and feeling your best comes from within (and a good skincare regimen doesn’t hurt either!). Don’t get us wrong, we love to play with makeup, but it seems that women tend to hide behind their makeup and feel better about their appearance once they’ve “put their face on.” As little girls, we played with our mother’s makeup, painting our cheeks hot pink and our lips red because it was fun and made us feel grown up. Makeup should still be fun, playful and creative, but not something we should hide behind. We are all about convenience (especially while traveling) and without makeup your beauty routine becomes significantly easier. Spend 20 minutes doing your makeup or spend 20 extra minutes on the beach? We pick beach (with SPF 30 of course!).

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