By Lauren Scruggs, LOLO

I think I was born an avid naturalist because ever since I can remember, going make up free is something I prefer. It makes me feel free and authentic! In my opinion, going al naturale is organically sexy and, for some reason, I feel empowered and exposed in a positive way when I let my face go bare. Wearing makeup is definitely necessary at times (and fun!), yet on a normal day, I just don’t seem to feel myself with it on. As a fashion reporter and journalist, I have learned that I am attracted to and navigate towards a neutral style—not bland, neutral. Though make up is one of the best accessories we are given, I love when a woman has an outstanding outfit with a natural face; there is something so stunning and confident about that.

Katy Perry, makeup free!

Although I adore color and, of course, the occasional pop of the red lip and smoky eye, I find that natural beauty exposed in lack of saturation is often very interesting and attractive; it exudes security beyond outward appearance. It radiates courageousness, mysterious innocence, and an outlook that says: “I don’t take life too seriously, yet I still respect myself!” Another benefit of making no-makeup a regular habit: whenever I want to dress up, I can make that much more of an extreme statement. Dramatic eyes are suddenly much more dramatic, and a bold lip appears much more drastic. It spices things up!

All that to say, it was great to participate in Makeup Free Monday! I think it is the most wonderful movement, and I hope that it encourages women to embrace their natural selves. It is a way to stand face to face with your imperfections, proving that they are not what define us.  Join in and participate! Your favorite MAC lip gloss will still be there on Tuesday.

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Lauren is a California girl who’s roots are deep in the heart of Texas. She adores exploring different cultures and expanding her horizons! Currently an avid blogger and fashion reporter, her love for style has been tightly sewn through internships in the wardrobe closet at the CW’s Gossip Girl and the Michael Kors showroom, along with reporting for New York, Paris, and Montreal fashion weeks.

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