For many women, standing in front of a mirror can be one of the most dangerous places we can be. We criticize, scorn and tear ourselves down. So, we arm ourselves. Or at least we think we do. We put of masks of makeup that, in our minds at least, seem to put up a layer of protection between us and the world.

The mirror though doesn’t have to be your enemy. Rather, it can be a place of power – not only on Makeup Free Mondays (where you’ll ideally internalize these messages even more) but also every other day of the week.

For a lot of our readers, Makeup Free Mondays are initially intimidating because of the fear of facing the world without a mask of makeup on. But imagine looking in the mirror, makeup free, and loving what you see and only thinking beautiful thoughts. With these tips from empowerment coach Ungenita Katrina Prevost, you can change your mindset. You can feel more beautiful. You can be more beautiful. And you can tackle Makeup Free Mondays with confidence (and beauty!).

5 Mindset Makeover Tips For Makeup Free Mondays

1.  If you look in the mirror and focus on what you don’t like, it will have an adverse effect on your mindset, how you speak about yourself and ultimately how you show up in the world. When you look at yourself in the mirror don’t focus on your flaws. Stand tall and look at those wonderful features and unique qualities that make you who you are. Look into your eyes and see the good both inside and out.

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2.  Say only good things about yourself. Tell yourself that your hair looks great, your skin is clear, you have nice legs or something else similarly flattering.

3.  Create manifesting affirmations in front of the mirror. Take an index card or sticky note and write down your top 5 goals so that you can see them, recite them and internalize them every day.

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4.  When you look in the mirror you owe it to yourself to see all of your potential. Own it! Feel it in your body and walk away envisioning that higher version of yourself. Your thoughts are things. Beauty Is A Mindset!

5.  Do not compare yourself to another woman. There’s only 1 you and the more you focus on yourself the happier you’ll be.

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