Makeup Free Mondays Give Confidence to Others

By Alexis Wolfer

Makeup Free Mondays is about much more than not wearing cosmetics. It’s about expanding the definition of beauty; it’s about showing the world that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, features and “flaws;” and it’s about giving the gift of confidence to ourselves as well as to others.

Based on the numerous emails we’ve been receiving, many of you (and us as well!) feel like we’ve been “given permission” not to wear makeup on Mondays. Many of us are finding ourselves, unintentionally, wearing less makeup the rest of the week. And, most inspiringly, many of you are emailing us saying how much more empowered, confident and comfortable in your own skin you are. Just post a picture on our Facebook Fan Page (or tweet it to @TheBeautyBean) and, trust us, you’re in for quite the confidence boost as other women from around the world come out to support and acknowledge your natural beauty.

Beauty secrets from around the worlds!

Like we’ve said, though, Makeup Free Mondays is not an anti-makeup movement. It’s why we tell women to “take baby steps” or to do whatever they feel comfortable with. Makeup Free Mondays is about taking the focus off the superficiality and putting it on real inner and outer beauty. It’s about promoting confidence and comfort in ones own skin – in whatever form that manifests. Moreover, it’s about helping promote that confidence in others.

Promoting confidence in others comes in two forms. First, when other women see you participating in Makeup Free Mondays (and how naturally beautiful you undeniably look, and, perhaps surprisingly, how similar you look to your “made-up” self), they too may feel confident enough to give it a try and, thus, spread the real beauty movement. Confidence is also spread, though, via the charitable aspect of Makeup Free Mondays.

Another way The Beauty Bean gives back.

Though The Beauty Bean focuses on inner beauty, we also know the confidence that a dab of concealer or swipe of bronzer can provide when we’re feeling down and we firmly believe that the confidence a polished look can give is something all women deserve. Therefore, we’re asking you all to donate unopened and unexpired makeup to your local women’s shelter, Dress for Success chapter or similar women’s program. We encourage you to plan a Makeup Free Mondays drive at your school or place of work or even among your group of friends. We get it: we know that makeup is neither providing shelter nor food to women in need, but that doesn’t minimize the impact it can nevertheless have for some women.

So, how do you plan a Makeup Free Mondays drive?

Talk with your school, place of work or other location about the logistics of the drive. In particular, make sure that someone will be able to collect donations.

Locate your nearest Dress for Success chapter (click here to find one near you) or find another women’s empowerment group (like a local group that helps survivors of domestic violence).

Publicize the drive. Make posters, send out emails and tell everyone you know that you’re collecting unopened, unused, unexpired makeup! Be creative in your publicizing efforts! Feel free to email us at with the location(s), date(s) and time(s) of your drive and we’ll send you back a flyer for you to print!

Get a box, bag or crate and start collecting! At the close of your drive, arrange for all the unopened, unused and unexpired cosmetics to be brought to the local organization of your choosing!

Tell us about it!

Happy Makeup Free Mondays!

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