As prom season gets underway, numerous organizations around the country, like, are collecting prom dress donations for girls unable to afford to attend prom otherwise. But, as any fashion-forward, beauty-loving (and philanthropically-inclined) reader knows, finding the perfect prom dress is only part of the enchanted experience. Rather, having the accompanying hair and makeup look is what completes the empowered princess fantasy. And this is where The Beauty Bean – and you – can help!

See how to get involved with Makeup Free Mondays! Click here for the 6 easy steps!

While Makeup Free Mondays has always encouraged the donation of unopened, unused and unexpired cosmetics to women without access to a confidence-boosting swipe of lipgloss, (in fact, we’ve donated over 1,000 beauty products each to Dress For Success and The Lower Eastside Girls Club), we think prom is the perfect time to step up our game for teens heading to prom.

So, on this Makeup Free Monday, as you head off to work or school makeup free (or makeup-less, because this is all about confidence after all), we encourage you to stop by your local drugstore and purchase a piece of age-appropriate makeup for a teenage girl heading to prom and donate it to a local organization providing prom dresses to girls in your area in need. Need help finding such an organization? Contact, or just do a simple Google search for prom dress donation locatons in your area.

Whether you pick up a can of hairspray, a pack of bobby pins, a shimmery eye shadow palate or a sheer lipstick, you can know that you’re making a difference in the life of a teenage girl.

Join these celebrities in making a difference!

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