By Alexis Wolfer

At The Beauty Bean, we all obviously have a deep love for our makeup and beauty goods. We love testing out the latest lip lacquers, rocking the newest nail craze and figuring out the best way to tackle the turquoise trend. We proudly pamper with the best of them and beautify gleefully. That being said, we ultimately value inner beauty and wellness considerably more than we do our smudge-free mascara (even though we certainly hold a place in our hearts for Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara). It’s why we steer-clear of body altering airbrushing, make a commitment not to digitally alter any in-house photography and place the emphasis on health, fitness and wellness, rather than weight loss.

We designed The Beauty Bean to promote better body image and prevent eating disorders, but promoting self-confidence is more than just showing that your value is not determined by a number on a scale. It is also about showing you Real Beauty, how to healthfully treat your body and how to be comfortable in your own skin.

Today, we’ve decided to take this one step further. Starting today, we encourage you to join us for Makeup Free Mondays. We’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and sure, it’s a bit intimidating at first (I’m sure we had the same thoughts you’re having: but I won’t look good, pretty, my best and more…) Well, we got over it, and, once we did, we realized how liberating, inspiring, and, needless to say, time saving it can be! And, you know what, it’s beautifying too.  Never before have we realized or valued the real beauty of our co-workers as much as we do now.

To make it even less scary, the accompanying image to this article is a picture of me, Makeup Free, taken this morning. (And yes, I was nervous to post it!) But, I also know that if I want to expand the definition of beauty and change the way women perceive their bodies and themselves, that I need to take action. So, here is my action and I hope you’ll join me in The Beauty Bean’s take on casual Fridays: Makeup Free Mondays.

If you’re on board, please help us spread the word! Too scared to jump on in? Feel free to make it your own. Perhaps make the commitment not to blow dry your hair (also reducing your carbon footprint!) or try just eliminating one part of your makeup routine, like mascara or eye shadow.

Let us know what you think below!


  1. I think that this is a great idea. Like you said, it’s time-saving, so now you can spend more time getting some beauty sleep!

  2. Cate Walker Reply

    Alexis! Love this! So proud of you starting the movement! Can’t wait to promote this to all the beautiful women in Boston! I’m make up free with you today!!

  3. Kate Herman Reply

    What a great idea! Alexis, you look so beautiful and don’t even need to wear make up! I am truly inspired!!!

  4. Alexis, great idea! Very inspiring! I’m not wearing any makeup today :)

  5. geneva bohlander Reply

    I have been doing this with you ladies for a few weeks now and i think I look YOUNGER with no makeup! and that’s a good thing! I love your site~

  6. You look awesome… I love the picture! I try to do a blow dry free hair day now and then and also mascara!!

  7. You look stunning, Alexis! I’ve started by eliminating heavy make-up on Mondays, like Mascara and dark lipstick. It’s a great start to the week!!

  8. Elizabeth M. Reply

    I think you look great! I love going out without makeup, it makes me feel great, but I always worry people will think I look like a slob.

  9. Laurie Borenstein Reply

    You look beautiful au naturel, Alexis!! Love this idea :)

  10. Alexis…you look gorgeous make-up free! This is a great idea…i love anything that promotes good self esteem! I have never worn much make-up but will scale back even further on Mondays!

  11. Aunt Barbara Reply

    Ok, so is there an age limit for this Monday thing. You know that it gets scarier the older we are. Actually I do go without makeup at least one day a week, but only on days when I am either staying in or just going somewhere where no one knows me.

    Just kidding. I think this a wonderful idea. It is healthy, liberating, saves time and money (1/7 of makeup cost).

    Love you, and yes, you look as beautiful with or without.

  12. Great Idea! definitely will try to start this at home and at work.

  13. Alexis, you look beautiful with makeup or not. Beauty from within is what shines through!
    Hard to see yourself with out a little mascara and gloss when you reach a certain age. Certainly do not wear any when I am in the house. My husband doesn’t think I look any different with makeup or without so I certainly don’t put makeup on for him. Love actually is blind! I do it it for me.

  14. @JessicaClark Reply

    This was harder than I’d like to admit! Which means it’s really that important, because why and how should we be ashamed of ourselves as we really look?!

  15. I love everything about this idea; it’s so impt. for us to realize our true selves and not fear our own nakedness. I also support reducing our carbon footprint!

  16. Sandy Doblinger Reply

    Brava Alexis! You look beautiful both inside and out. This is such a great idea I will pass on your contact info to everyone on my email list. Keep up the great work- I love your site.

  17. This is a wondeful idea! A while ago, I gave up makeup for an entire year, and I can’t even begin to explain the wonderful change of heart I had. I’m excited to support Makeup Free Monday!

  18. Alexis,
    This 40+ yr old straight male thinks you look great w/out makeup. Natural beats fake any day. Ah, if only I were in my 20s and single again.

  19. LOVE IT! There is way too much emphasis on makeup so hoorah for Makeup Free Mondays (and as many other days as you can).

  20. Been doing this for years – not just Monday, but most days, in fact. Make-up is reserved for “special occasions.” And as to “Aunt Barbara” who kiddingly said there was an age limit – no there is not! lol In fact, if you want to plan ahead for looking good when you’re old like me (50+), scale back the make-up today. It’s better for your skin, and older women look much better “au natural.” I think women who try to look younger by piling on the make-up do themselves a disservice.

    Thanks for spreading the word (and not always the gloss!)

  21. I guess I’m one of the weird ones…it is very rare for me to wear makeup to work, and when I do it’s just mascara and lip gloss. I love the idea of women everywhere going bare-faced…and the longer you do it, the more glamorous you look without the makeup! People constantly ask me how I get my skin to look so good — wash it, moisturize it, then leave it alone!

  22. I wish i was brave enough to do this. I am 17 and high school is hard enough. I have horrible dark circles which concealer cannot even hide so of course i could not walk into school without trying to look my best. Maybe if i had more natural beauty i could do it but unfortunatly i don’t.

  23. Unfortunately, I think Monday is a poor choice to go makeup free at work. I have gone makeup free on Mondays before…when I was HUNGOVER.

  24. While I do think Alexis looks pretty without makeup there’s no way in hell I’m going without concealer or blush. I’m sorry but gals in their early 20’s who are fresh-faced and never have gone 3 nights in a row completely void of sleep just don’t understand. I don’t want to embrace my inner insomniac, she is not the “inner beauty” I want people to encounter as they meet me.

  25. I went Make Up Free Monday, it was fne……I like to let my skin breath with out make up, its good for you.

  26. I like the idea of doing this in ” baby steps”. Last week, I did no mascara and this week no eye makeup at all. Wow, it does really bring out your confidence.
    Thanks!! Love ya!

  27. Make-up is horrible for your skin and actually makes you age worse. All that pulling on the eyes with eyeliner and coating your pores with all those chemicals….it’s not healthy and makes one look worse in the long run – just my opinion though!

    I never wear make-up…’s so fake and why does one want to wake up and paint their face like their going to a Halloween party or a theater production?

    Make up is so unnecessary!

  28. I’m 23 and just finished my first year of grad school. I’ve never really been a huge makeup person (the first time I ever wore makeup was for my senior prom), and last year makeup was reserved for special occasions such as formal dinners, the symphony, etc. Teaching, church, research, I went makeup free. I’m currently in a summer internship at a national lab and I wear some makeup, but just powder, a tiny bit of blush, and eyeshadow. I just don’t understand this idea that women have that they have to spend an hour doing their makeup to be presentable. I spend 2 minutes tops, and I can do it in 30 seconds if necessary.

  29. Love the concept. I’ll join but I have to take baby steps. I’m giving up eyeshadow on Mondays. I posted about the movement on my blog. :)

  30. I am 30 and work in an office setting daily. I don’t wear make-up to work and only on very rare occasions in life – family weddings or going on stage to sing. Oh, and I don’t blow dry my hair or use hair products on my hair either (even for fancy events). I don’t even know how to do it that well or why it seems to be required — it just doesn’t make sense to me. I am continually complemented on my complexion, my lip color, my hair, etc. and have almost always been au naturel. I am very glad to see a site promoting the idea NOT to wear make-up or to go without blow drying or styling your hair (if only for one day a week) because it seems to me that natural beauty is amazing. Also, I can’t even begin to understand why the person running this site was one iota afraid to post a make-up free picture as she is beautiful.

  31. Whoa! You’re like seriously pretty! I’d have thought you were wearing makeup! I think it’s really cool what you guys are doing! I’m 15 and always always always have to be in heavy makeup. I’m gonna take it slow and stop wearing eyeliner on Monday. It sounds lame, but it’s the best I can do to start. You’re super inspiring Alexis!

    Real Beauty is an attitude! Im 45 and I’ve been makeup free for 10 days now…IT’S SO LIBERATING!!
    I like not only how happy I feel -being able to be myself – and be make up free- but all the comments Im getting by people at work saying, “less is better!” :)

  33. I’m not going to lie, I totally failed at this. I tried to do it but after a few hours I had to put on some clear brow gel, curl my lashes, and apply eyeliner and tinted lip gloss (to my lips and my cheeks.) That’s still FAR less makeup than I normally wear though. Maybe next Monday I’ll make it all the way! But not if I’m leaving the house. Sorry.

  34. Make Up With Confidence Reply

    You’ve got great insights about Live Confidently, keep up the good work!

  35. how about makeup free everyday :)

    the only person you’re hiding your real face from is yourself, we are all beautiful creatures


  36. Join my MAKE-UP FREE day the 11. December :-) I have made an event on facebook, here is a link directly to the event:

    To remind us about the importance of real and inner beauty, to promote better body image, a MAKE-UP FREE day is arranged.

    —11 DECEMBER 2012—

    Simple explanation is to go from morning to evening completely without make-up ☺

    The society today is more and more concerned about the beauty ideal and everybody “has” to wear expensive products to look good. And to make the society aware of that we will not bee fooled by photo shopped models in the commercials and so on! This day will mark that we can look good WITHOUT make-up. Beauty comes from within! ☺


  37. fitness nut Reply

    I was recommended this web site through my cousin. I am not positive whether this submit is written by way of him as nobody else recognise such detailed about my problem. You are amazing! Thanks!

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