Makeup Free Mondays: Join the Movement

By Alexis Wolfer

At The Beauty Bean, we all obviously have a deep love for our makeup and beauty goods. We love testing out the latest lip lacquers, rocking the newest nail craze and figuring out the best way to tackle the turquoise trend. We proudly pamper with the best of them and beautify gleefully. That being said, we ultimately value inner beauty and wellness considerably more than we do our smudge-free mascara (even though we certainly hold a place in our hearts for Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara). It’s why we steer-clear of body altering airbrushing, make a commitment not to digitally alter any in-house photography and place the emphasis on health, fitness and wellness, rather than weight loss.

We designed The Beauty Bean to promote better body image and prevent eating disorders, but promoting self-confidence is more than just showing that your value is not determined by a number on a scale. It is also about showing you Real Beauty, how to healthfully treat your body and how to be comfortable in your own skin.

Today, we’ve decided to take this one step further. Starting today, we encourage you to join us for Makeup Free Mondays. We’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and sure, it’s a bit intimidating at first (I’m sure we had the same thoughts you’re having: but I won’t look good, pretty, my best and more…) Well, we got over it, and, once we did, we realized how liberating, inspiring, and, needless to say, time saving it can be! And, you know what, it’s beautifying too.  Never before have we realized or valued the real beauty of our co-workers as much as we do now.

To make it even less scary, the accompanying image to this article is a picture of me, Makeup Free, taken this morning. (And yes, I was nervous to post it!) But, I also know that if I want to expand the definition of beauty and change the way women perceive their bodies and themselves, that I need to take action. So, here is my action and I hope you’ll join me in The Beauty Bean’s take on casual Fridays: Makeup Free Mondays.

If you’re on board, please help us spread the word! Too scared to jump on in? Feel free to make it your own. Perhaps make the commitment not to blow dry your hair (also reducing your carbon footprint!) or try just eliminating one part of your makeup routine, like mascara or eye shadow.

Let us know what you think below!