This past week 2 major magazines committed to trying Makeup Free Mondays!

The February 7th issue of STAR Magazine declared The Beauty Bean a Hot Website saying:

“Boost your confidence with The Beauty Bean, a new website devoted to helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. You’ll find everything from DIY remedies to fitness tips, as well as stars like Jessica Szohr and Molly Sims sharing personal insights and can’t-live-without-them products. Our fave feature: Makeup Free Mondays, where you’ll find photos of readers and celebs posing bare-faces and beautiful.”

Similarly, on February 4th, SELF Magazine’s Alexandra Samuel wrote:

“Are you wearing makeup today? Well, on Monday – I dare you to skip it! That’s right – leave your foundation brush and mascara wand in your makeup case and bare all. Why?

Because from now on, Mondays are ‘Makeup Free Mondays,’ a great challenge started by Alexis Wolfer, the founder of to help fight against the belief that women aren’t pretty unless they have their face on…

So how can you participate?

1. Skip makeup on Mondays (or, if this totally freaks you out, just wear less. I won’t tell)
2. Don’t apologize for not wearing makeup! You’re gorgeous, let it show!
3. Organize Makeup Free Mondays with friends and co-workers
4. Tweet us (@SELFMagazine) and Alexis (@thebeautybean) and share your photos!”

So, are you on board too?! Tweet us or Facebook us if you are!

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