By Jenna Nicole Levine

The first time I wore makeup out of the house I was only 10-years-old. Granted this wasn’t a parental permission situation, I just went to town in my mother’s beauty bag when she wasn’t home, then strutted my stuff down to the local CVS to purchase a Super Blue Raspberry Blow Pop. In reality I looked like clown with a distinct 80’s color palette, but in my head I felt beautiful and very adult.

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Sixteen years later I leave the heavy teal eye shadow and bright pink lipstick to the professionals, and most days rock a neutral palette. With that being said, I have a hard time in the mornings not rhythmically extending my short eye lashes with mascara after dusting my lids with some form of tan or gold shadow. It’s not an intense ritual, but it is habit that allows me to start my day confident.

When I first heard of Makeup Free Mondays I thought the concept was simple in design, but a brilliant movement in disguise. This Monday meeting of the minds is much more than a day without makeup (even if the statement is powerful in its own right) but a gathering of women who want to take hold of their insecurities and simply say, ‘if they don’t like it, screw em!”

Wear this under your clothes for increased confidence!

What I find the most empowering about Makeup Free Mondays is the way it got me interested in Dress for Success, an organization that helps women get on their feet with professional guidance and support. I have donated several unopened packages of makeup to my local chapter, and attempt to volunteer when I can.

I fully embrace Makeup Free Mondays not only as a beauty blogger who believes that inner beauty is where glowing skin really comes from,  but also as a beauty blogger who focuses on being beautiful on a budget. Nothing saying budget like abstaining from makeup!

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