By Kelly Brown, MASQUE Magazine

“Makeup-less, free and feeling fine” was my motto this Monday. As a beauty blogger, I tend to take my work to heart. I am barely sans makeup, unless I am in bed or sick. I even put on a little something to go to the grocery store, so you can imagine my struggle as I walked outside today with just some gloss on.

Once, I completely lost my mind because I left my cosmetic bag at someone’s house. I refused to go anywhere or take any pictures until my beloved was back in my possession. As I reflected on that once horrid moment a few days ago, I had to ask myself, “Why so serious?” How did I let the loss of said bag shake me to my core?

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As women of the Mass Media Age we are constantly fed images of what is considered beautiful. Come to think of it, even beauty bloggers feed into it. Those that are considered the most popular do makeup reviews, tutorials and hauls. With the recession came the emergence of a new blogger – DIY and ecofriendly – but that only put a dent in changing what is deemed “beauty.” In my mind, to be beauty is to be cosmetics (though I have a boyfriend who tells me everyday that I’m much more beautiful without it all.

How you can get involved with Makeup Free Mondays!

All of this being said, I felt great today. Awkward at first, I faced (no pun intended!) my fears and just went for it. Unapologetic and feeling slightly lighter, I even received compliments on my skin at the grocery store!  I think every Monday will be makeup-less. Come join me!



Kelly Brown is an advertising/PR gal by day and, as the Editor in Chief/Founder of MASQUE Magazine, a blogging belle by night. She hails from the bustling City That Never Sleeps, yet dreams of romance in the South.

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