By Mercedes Sanchez,

I wasn’t one of those unfortunate teens who had to live with acne, but at 17 I had my first breakout and that’s when my skin changed forever. Even when the zits were gone, I was stuck with dreadful red scars that are still visible today—some days more than others.

First, I should say I started wearing make-up primarily to cover those red scars. I love dressing up and looking my best, but I’ve never been a super girly girl. The whole process of buying make-up, the lingo, which chemicals to avoid and even how to apply are somewhat new to me. It’s one of the things I love best about running a fashion and beauty blog because like my readers (and viewers), I’m learning as I go by speaking with the experts.

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It wasn’t until recently that I decided to do something about the blemishes by seeing a dermatologist and going Makeup Free.  Though it has its benefits, going bare faced isn’t the easiest decision to make especially for those battling acne like me.

Going make-up free to get healthy skin has ironically influenced my daily decision-making. I avoid foundation and blush when I feel my face needs a breather from the day-to-day cover up. And sometimes, it takes guts to go without it.  When I have a new zit and bravely walk the New York City streets with a naked face, I try to plan my outfit and route accordingly. Why go through all the trouble?  In effort not to run into anyone I know in my neighborhood or in the elevator of my apartment building. Heck—I don’t even want strangers on the subway or on the line at the pharmacy to notice me when I have a new pimple. It’s just embarrassing.

In the winter, I don’t mind the frigid Northeast weather as it helps going without makeup that much easier: I just hide my face under my faux fur hat and oversized sunglasses.

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Trying to go make-up free is also one of the main reasons I chose not to go for a chic, boyish haircut as I had originally planned before the New Year. Keeping my long hair in layers is another way of covering up the blemishes without the concealer.

As I work on getting rid of the long term red scars with prescribed morning and evening creams, these days I seem to be going more for a no-makeup look rather than going completely bare. When I need to cover up for a meeting at the “day job” or for Sunday service, I like to wear a light mineral powder foundation for a flawless look. It covers up the old scars with the touch of a brush, and it’s great to use when I’m on the go. I often finish by applying one coat of mascara.

What do I love most about going make-up free? Besides the time I save getting ready in the morning, I love not having to remove the make-up before bed. I can just simply wash and rinse, apply my prescribed evening facial cream and hit the sack.

If it weren’t for these darn scars, I would go make-up free everyday!

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