By Kimberly E. Stone,

Since my teen years (and with a regime that keeps my skin clear), I have grown into appreciating my Real Beauty, makeup free. Sure, I am one for putting on the glitz for going out with the gals and guys, but normally I try to skip everything and go for a good anti-aging moisturizer with SPF…and let me say the teeny bopper me is very proud.

Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup. Now, makeup is a fun way to celebrate femininity – not a way to hide.

“Makeup is a fun way to celebrate femininity –
not a way to hide”
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It’s funny how getting older gives you an appreciation for beauty that can neither be described nor depicted by a young woman. It’s true: Beauty shines from within, happy smiling people radiate from the inside out. Falling in love keeps you feeling beautiful too. And now that I’m pushing 30, I’ve come to appreciate a youthful look and a fun exuberance that illuminates from within (on a good day!).

I appreciate my natural beauty more now and realize how I took my youthful beauty for granted when I was younger. Getting older helps you come into your own comfort zone and really appreciate being you. And now, I feel more attractive without makeup.

After moving to NYC, I learned that less is more and that natural is beauty. And it’s shaped who I am.

“Natural is Beauty”
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While people typically respond to me more with makeup because my features pop, being the subdued one, I prefer to go unnoticed and like to get my ish done – without catcalls and holla-backs. It seems I left the attention-whoring in my teens and early twenties, along with the foundation, powder, concealer and falsetto.

And if you’re scared to try Makeup Free Mondays? Start with a perfect skincare and moisturizer regimen and if you can’t go complete makeup free, try tinted moisturizer, 1 coat of mascara and a tinted nude lip tone. I little bit of quality makeup goes a long way! (And you can get there in baby steps!)

See Lady Gaga Makeup Free!

I must say…as the aspirational entrepreneur, that my day doesn’t begin with makeup anymore, it begins the same way it ends, with emails…And now, once I’ve had my Starbucks or Redbull, I typically forget about my face and focus on my inbox full of daily dos and should-have-dones.

Plus I took this photo laying on the steps, INSTANT FACELIFT!!

Is Wearing Makeup to the Gym Dangerous?


Kimberly E. Stone, founder of, is an entrepreneur with a knack for recognizing creative talent and pinpointing successful lines. Stone surrounds herself with other likeminded fashion forward individuals to help further establish POSHGLAM, and attributes its success to many helping hands that have assisted along the way.

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