By Kelsea Brennan

Balance: it’s a big buzzword and, in our opinion, for good reason. For many of us, balance is something we’ve either already lost or we’re in the process of losing. And while the short-term effects may not seem so problematic, (all work and no play can certainly help us get that promotion we’ve been striving for!) as we begin to tip off balance, our wellbeing suffers, our health may decline and our level of happiness may diminish.

Living a balanced life is certainly defined differently by each of us. However, one thing is for sure: no matter your definition, when you feel like you’re personal scale has tipped off balance, you feel, well, off. To help you stabilize, use these tips – for tipsy should be how you describe a night sprinkled with too many cocktails, not how you experience your life.

Yoga. It may seem cliché, but yoga is a definite recommendation for those feeling off kilter. The practice of physical balance can help promote control of the body and mind; and, when your mind and body are aligned, balance is a natural result.

Nature.  With effortless ease, grass grows, leaves die and animals eat.  The only thing out of balance in nature is human interference.  Simply being outside can bring both awareness and peace to our state of mind.  In the warm months approaching try to get outside as often as possible.  Make notice of the difference.

A workout that will take you outside!

Cross-crawl. While standing, with your hands behind your head (as if you were doing sit-ups), raise your right knee as you bend down to meet your right knee with your left elbow. Return to starting position and reverse. Think bicycle sit ups but while standing.  This move literally balances the right and left sides of your brain, both bringing harmony to the creative and logical thoughts that often contradict and bringing balance to your mind.

Ratio.  Work to play.  Sleep to wake.  Moving to sitting.  Are you balanced?  The ratio does not necessarily need to be 50/50, however you should consider adjusting the balance of these activities in your life when you feel like life is getting bumpy.

Breathe.  Your breath, as the supplier of oxygen, affects not only your brain but also your entire body.  When you are not breathing correctly (like when you’re stressed and tend to take short shallow breaths), it is more likely you will feel off balance.  Pay attention to your breath as you take a few slow, deep inhales and exhales to bring on a whole new connection to your being.


Nourish.  Are you eating enough fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats?  The term a balanced diet was coined for a reason. With the correct balance of vitamins and minerals found in healthy food, we are literally creating a balanced internal environment.  When our body is off balance, we feel off balance.  Eating in a way that supports our organs, cells and muscles is essential for a stable state of body and mind.

Easy and healthy food to take on the go!

Rebound. Jumping on a rebounder creates balancing movements in the body while literally and figuratively lifting you to a higher place. So, find a trampoline (or sign up for a rebounding class at your gym) and get jumping.

Write.  Just sitting down and spending time with a pen and paper can reveal so much – much more then you would think. Sit down and start to write, without any intention.  Try and spend 20 minutes writing down any thoughts you have. When done, reread what you’ve written and ask yourself if these thoughts could be creating imbalance in your life. Are you, for example, telling yourself one thing and doing another? Try to recognize the patterns and balance them from within.

Ambiance. If papers are piled high, shoes are tossed around and dirty laundry is thrown in a corner, your life will similarly feel messy and cluttered. We know we simply feel better when we make our bed in the morning and tidy up before leaving for the day (no matter how much we may resist the extra work in the morning). So, check out your environment and spend just a few minutes bringing balance to your surroundings – it will help bring balance to other aspects of your life as well.

Meditate.  Change your thoughts, change your life. By combining meditation with the tips above, you can watch your world change.  Meditation will help slow down your thoughts, help create awareness of the ego’s negative chatter, and help level unbalancing thoughts. You will create a more peaceful state of mind and a more peaceful, balanced life.

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