By Kelsea Brennan

Ah “Sexy.” Just the word alone is intriguing.  Admit it or not, it’s almost always the way we want to look and definitely one of ways we want to feel.  As women, it’s in our energy.  While some women certainly exude sex more then others; as females, we all have the power to own – and enhance – our innate sexiness. It’s in our every bone; it’s in our lips, eyes, curves and aura. And while sexy certainly looks nice, it feels even better.

If you not feeling sexy enough, or just want to amp up the intensity, follow these tips to feel red hot.  Beware: these tips may increase confidence, dating options and maybe even physical contact.

High Heels. The higher the better.  Put them on and strut around, even if only for yourself. We’re not sure of the science behind it, but there is something about an extra few inches that always similarly lifts our mood.

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Juice. No, we don’t mean not to eat! But when we aren’t feeling sexy, we tend to feel heavy, thick, bulky; anything but hot.  Just a single green juice can bring you back into awareness of your body and mind, increase mental clarity and give a feeling of lightness.

Ambiance. Set it.  Don’t wait for “him” to light the candles, dim the lights and get under clean soft sheets.  Extra credit if you wear lingerie.

Pamper. Whether at a spa or at home, bring pleasure into your world. Maybe give yourself a manicure, take a bath or give yourself a massage. Treat your sexy self as you want to be treated.

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Move. You want to feel sexy, then do that which makes you sexy.  Sometimes we feel hottest in our gym clothes, with a light glistening of post-workout sweat.  We know, it sounds crazy, and maybe even a bit gross, but movement will get you out of your thoughts and back into your body, which is, believe us, inherently sexy.

Mantra. When you just aren’t feelin’ it, no matter how much make-up you have on or how hot your outfit is, you need to change that feeling – and feelings come from our thoughts.  So, flip your thought by repeating a mantra to yourself. Try, “I am a sexy red hot woman” (or something of that nature).  Fake it till you make it, say it till you feel it.

Dance. This tip shows up a lot, but that’s because it works!! It gets you moving, puts you back in your body and you can do it in heels.  Just be sure to stay away from the mirror. If it feels good, it looks good, so don’t judge yourself.  Put on the sexiest song you know and seduce yourself.

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Laugh. Pull up YouTube, screen some hysterical videos and just take a few minutes to laugh.  There is something sexy about a funny man and something sexier about a funny woman. Chelsea Handler anyone? Laughter is hot!

Go the extra mile. So often when women dress up it’s for a reason: a date, an event, a night out with the girls.  How about you dress up for you.  Make-up, sexy undies and a favorite dress from your closet can make all the difference.  It doesn’t need to be a tight little dress.  Put on your favorite jeans if they make you feel sexiest, it will show in your energy.

Switch it up. Being stuck in a routine can become dull and make us feel equally lackluster. Add some color, buy a new outfit or pull out an old piece you love wearing but just haven’t thought to in a while.  Change is bold, change is sexy, and so are you!

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