10 Tips For Emotional + Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom + Emotional Wellness Made Easy

Feeling stuck in a rat race? Emotionally drained and so far from financial freedom that just thinking about money makes your throat tighten?

Let go of the stress-inducing hold money has on you with these 10 tips for emotional and financial freedom from Anna Lozano, Co-Founder of The Freedom Project, a Social Impact Company based in Toronto Ontario that shares stories of individuals who are living their souls purpose while leaving a positive mark on the world.

10 Ways to Ensure Emotional + Financial Freedom

Take Full Responsibility… for your feelings, reactions, emotions and perceptions.

Have Complete Trust… that everything is turning out exactly how it’s meant to (it’s so easy to say, but so hard to practice).

Detox… from social media and technology for 24-48 hours with absolutely no email, texts, Facebook, or Twitter. Read this for further inspiration! Getting out of the compare and contrast game for a bit will help to reset your goals.

Be Kind… to yourself. It’s okay to skip a workout and eat gluten! And it’s okay if you “mess up” on your path to emotional and financial freedom. It’s a process. Focus on progress – not perfection.

Make Soulful Connections… with others. Surround yourself with those people who make you feel amazing and nourish your heart. Not because they “hold your accountable” but because they bring out the best in your naturally.

Stop Energy Leaks… Do you have people in your life who are toxic? Do you have habits that no longer serve you? Do you tend to over-help (in turn making people dependent on you)? Notice where you’re leaking energy and work to create boundaries that serve you and your soon-to-be financial freedom.

Increase Your Income… Financial freedom isn’t just about cutting back on expenses and aligning your life emotionally, it’s also increasing your income. Ask for a raise or look for ways to add to your income on the side. Have a service you already provide to your friends for free? Make a business out of it! Unsure where to start? Ask yourself your greatest value for others, how you help to make them feel amazing – then think about what tool can you create and make it available for purchase.

Say No… to anything! What can you say no to? New opportunities will always appear so be picky about choosing the ones that are aligned with your greater vision and say no to the ones that aren’t.

Outsource… something you don’t enjoy. What can you take off of your plate? What are the things you’re doing that you totally dread on a daily basis. Hate cleaning your house? Hire someone. Dread laundry? Send it out! You may spend more money in the short-term but the emotional freedom will afford you the energy you need to expand you income elsewhere, seamlessly!

Create a network… designed to support your financial freedom. Who do you know that’s also looking to create financial freedom and compliments your skillset? Can you leverage each other’s expertise, networks, and resources? Why not create together?