Judy Smith, the real Olivia Pope (AKA Kerry Washington on ABC’s hit Scandal) was on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight tonight.

She weighed in on Kerry Washington, being a producer on Scandal and her new book. And she gave advice. (Olivia Pope-like advice that made us think the writers of Scandal were less brilliant orators capable of piercing soundbites of relatable and sharp dialogue and more just great typists capturing every word uttered by the woman who inspired the series centered on a Washington “fixer.”)

Sure, her advice is catered towards those facing a personal Anthony Weiner/Toronto Mayor like crisis, but really it’s applicable for anyone just looking to more clearly navigate life (crisis or not).

13 Rules From The Real Olivia Pope

1. Trust your gut.

2. Know the facts. Not what you want them to be. What they actually are.

3. Never assume you know everything.

4. The truth always comes out. It’s only a question of when.

5. Read the climate. Know the landscape.

6. Know where you want to end up.

7. Know when to hold and when to fold.

8. Admit you’re in trouble.

9. Don’t overreatct

10. You will know when to walk away.

11. Things usually get worse before they get better.

12. Expect the unexpected.

13. Crises occur irrespective of one’s fame, power, or prestige, so deal with it.

photography credit: abcnews.go.com

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