Your 2015 Mid-Year Check-In: Are You Where You Want To Be?

It’s halftime on 2015. Where are you with your goals?

We’re 6 months into 2015, which means it’s time for a resolution review and halftime recap.

Are you where you wanted to be when you set your New Year’s resolutions back in January?

Have you followed through on your commitments to yourself? Have you found your dream job? Finally straightened your teeth? Booked a ticket for that vacation you’ve been thinking about?

Every day is an opportunity for you to get one step closer to your best self – and there’s no better time to check in and get started than today!

Whether you still have your 2015 resolutions taped to the fridge or have no idea what you committed to 6 months ago, here are some ways we’re working on being our best selves here at TheBeautyBean and, well, we’re all about sharing, so feel free to steal any of our ideas (heck, they’re pretty good if we do say so ourselves).

Spend more time outdoors. Before the weather turns brutally cold again (which, sigh, it’s destined to do), we’re working on soaking up some rays (with SPF of course!), taking deep breaths of fresh air, and seeking out the beauty mother nature shows us daily. Weekend hikes, longer walks with our dogs, a glass of wine while watching the sunset all count!

Sweat (almost) daily. Hitting the gym every morning may have bored the heck out of you before the end of January, but breaking a sweat doesn’t have to be. Try a new yoga class, hit the park with friends, play tag with some kids. Working out doesn’t have to be boring, you just need to find activities you enjoy. One we’ve been enjoying lately: solo dance parties in the kitchen!

Smile more. Studies show that the act of smiling actually makes us happier (it doesn’t merely reflect happiness). Want to smile more? Change your computer’s screen saver to something that makes you happy, call your funniest friend, and finally perfect that smile of yours so you actually want to show it off! Self conscious about your smile? (You’re not alone!) Check out Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten everything from the most common to the most complex dental issues.

Cook more. Cooking a healthy meal doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive. Click here for loads of healthy, easy recipes we love and you’ll have no more excuses!

Prioritize your relationships. Call your girlfriends more, go on more dates, plan alone time. Your relationship with yourself and your loved ones need some TLC so make sure you’re giving them the attention they need.

Figure out what’s not working… and change it! A lot of us have a “thing” we’re not happy with. Maybe it’s our job, our boss’ unrealistic expectations, or a terrible client. Perhaps it’s the fact that we haven’t taken that trip to Italy we’ve been dreaming about. Whatever it is, make a game plan to solve it – and follow thru with it! You have 6 more months in 2015 so take advantage!

I am an Invisalign® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure