Studies show that, on average, each person contracts 3 colds each winter – usually lasting about a week each! Before you commit to spending 3 weeks with a runny, stuffy and achy head, take these preventative measures to protect yourself and minimize your chance of getting sick.

Dry The Germs Away. So much emphasis is on washing our hands regularly with soap and warm water – and while that’s most certainly essential, drying our hands properly is actually just as important since bacteria thrive on wet hands. Whether you go for an air dryer or paper towels doesn’t matter, but make sure to dry until you hands are no longer moist.

DIY Avocado mask for dry skin!

Balm Away Bacteria. Last year, eos launched a new petrolatum and paraben-free Anti-Bacterial Tangerine Lip Balm Smooth Sphere ($3.49) that provides anti-bacterial protection with the use of Phenol for germ-fighting protection! Plus, it’s packed with medicated relief to help sooth dry lips and alleviate symptoms of cold sores as well as loaded with antioxidants, zinc, vitamins C and E, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips healthy and germ-free!

An immunity boosting cleanse!

Soothe & Sanitize. As the weather chills and the heat in your office starts pumping, washing your hands obsessively will only leave you with sandpaper-like digits. So, turn off the drying water and instead lather up with Bath & Body Works HandiBac Hand Lotion ($4)! It not only softens and soothes parched skin, but also powerfully kills germs too – all the while leaving your skin smelling like a sugar cookie!

Show off your soft skin with an ombre manicure!

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