By Arielle J Fierman

We all want to be loved, feel loved and love someone, right? Too often, though, especially as V-day approaches, we expect the love to come from things– presents, chocolates, flowers or from other people. Little do we know that we already have the love we need. If we make the best of what is already in our lives, we can learn to love ourselves and in turn, draw more love to our hearts from others.

This year, make yourself feel loved with these fun, loving tips that you can do with the person you love and loves you back the most: YOU!

1.  Remind yourself of what you love about yourself. What’s that one thing that makes you stand out and makes you different from your friends, family and colleagues? Appreciate it.

2.  Start your day off with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

3.  Drink lots of water throughout the day to hydrate your body and skin! (Drink it from pretty glassware- a martini glass makes it really fun!

4.  Put a positive quote somewhere that you look often (on the bottom of your computer screen, on your mirror in your room, on your printer, taped to your blackberry, or to your journal).

5.  Treat yourself to something new.

6.  Wear colorful underwear.

7.  Dance to your favorite song while putting on your makeup in the morning (unless it’s a Makeup Free Monday, of course!)

8.  Wear bright lipstick to brighten your wardrobe and your mood.

9.  Buy a pretty nail polish and paint your nails!

How to give yourself a sexy, lace manicure!

10.   Use the money you saved from your manicure and splurge on a 10 minute massage.

11.  Eat foods that love you back (foods that nourish you and make your skin glow).

12.  Chew well, slowly and consciously.

13.  Do something nice for yourself- sleep in, take a long bath or give yourself a massage!

14.  Write a gratitude list of the things and people you love in your life. Can you reach 100? We dare you!

15.  Wear something colorful, sparkly or bright- anything that makes you shine!

16.  Wear jewelry that has meaning (like an  iloveme ring!).

17.  Stretch your body and mind.

18.  Splurge on new workout gear to motivate you to exercise!

19.  Move your body at least once every day. Find a movement you LOVE and look forward to doing- yoga, intenSati, Zumba, swimming, dance class.

20.  Make a playlist. (Or download this relaxing one!)

21.  Give yourself an at home facial or hair mask.

22.  Buy yourself flowers (and add some of the petals to your next bath)

23.  Play a game.

24.  Bake cookies for yourself and enjoy one a day for an entire week!

Bake these guilt-free cookies!

25.  Take an all-natural multi-vitamin.

26.  Make a vision board- cut out pictures, words, images from magazines that excite and inspire you. Place the images on canvas or oak tag and put it up in your room!

27.  Drink herbal tea to calm your mind and digestion.

28.  Do an open-heart exercise – simply roll your shoulders up and back and lift your head.

29.  Read a book, for fun!

30.  Meditate to quiet your mind. (see how here!)

31.  Reorganize your closet. The cleaner your living space, the clearer your head!

32.  Have compassion for yourself.

33.  Celebrate

34.  Breathe.

35.  Love. Be loved. Feel Loved.

You deserve health, happiness and love and you’re worth the effort it takes to make a positive change. Sometimes it takes just a little work and self-lovin’! So shut your phone off, curl up in bed with a good book and light a candle.  Whoever is calling, texting and facebooking can wait!  ME time is luxurious and precious. So join us and make this V-day and everyday “ME” day. Let’s say it together, “I LOVE ME”!

Vajewel Your Vajayjay – for you!