5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate (From SERIOUS Skeptics)

Meditation, shmedidation… blah blah blah… If you’re anything like us, we kinda hate the idea of sitting still, eyes closed, “om”-ing our way to serenity and oneness with, well, with we don’t know what (a higher being, perhaps?). Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE yoga (especially the “yoga for people who hate yoga” kind like we get from Tara Stiles), but that “breathe into your lower back” crap just makes us anxious – likely because we CAN’T breathe into our lower backs – we don’t have lungs there!

Yet study after study after study (yes, there are that many) proves – and we mean proves – with the kind of can’t-be-ignored type of results, that meditation is not just some hokey thing for people with more times on their hands than we do, but rather a practice that really has immense health benefits. So, (reluctantly) we’re giving in and here’s why…

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

1. Meditation lowers blood pressure so say bye-bye to boring salt-free diets and expensive medications because meditation>medication… always!

2. As much as sitting still seems to illicit anxiety and stress in the more Type-A among us here at The Beauty Bean, mediation relaxes your body and mind, reduces stress and alleviates tension – although, to be honest, we’re still working on coming to believe this one!

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3. Studying for a big test or prepping for big presentation at work? Meditation has been shown to improve concentration and memory, making you a better student and employee.

4. PMSing? Ready to rip someone’s hair out over missed deadlines? Kids driving you nuts? Before you overreact, hit the floor, cross those legs of yours and take some deep breaths. Hey, meditation lessens emotional mood swings and stubbornness, so think of meditation as your own personal time-out.

5. So we’re by no means buying that mediation and sex are interchangeable – at least not the type of meditation we’re practicing over here isn’t (but then again, we hear women are orgasming at the gym, which makes us think we’re doing the entirely wrong workouts…so what do we know!) – but studies have shown that mediation and sex both flood our brains with the same mood-boosting, body-relaxing and pain-relieving chemicals – so, hey, it seems worth a shot (if you’re single anyway).

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