5 Tips For Loving Your Body More Today

By Alexis Wolfer

Start Every Day With A Compliment. It’s so easy for us to look in the mirror and stark picking ourselves apart (sometimes literally if we’re talking pimples!). But just the simple act of starting each day by complimenting yourself can really change the way you feel about yourself for the rest of the day. So, tomorrow, when you wake up, begin the day by saying something nice about yourself before you do anything else. The point: to take the focus off the body parts we hate and, instead, put the focus on the positive.

Need help tapping into your Real Beauty?

Compliment Someone Else. It’s amazing how wonderful it can feel to make someone else feel better about him or herself! It will not only (ideally) instigate a pay-it-forward mentality, but also will help put your focus on the beauty of others instead of searching for flaws.

Appreciate Your Body For What It Can Do (Not What It Looks Like). Too often we only focus on the superficial. We worry about how our jeans fit, what our bellies look like and more. We noticed in our Real Beauty interviews, though, that athletes in particular have an incredible ability to steer clear of the pressure for body “perfection” (whatever that means) by focusing on what their bodies can do. They appreciate what their bodies are capable of – and work to increase their endurance, strength and power – without regard to how they look in the process and, well, it’s a lesson we could all learn!

Olympian Jennie Finch talks to us about appreciate her body for its actions!

Treat Your Body With Respect. So often we treat ourselves (and our bodies) in ways we would never tolerate from others. We criticize with thoughts and abuse with actions. Hold yourself to the same standard you would hold others, though, and things start to change. You would never tolerate a best friends who always told you that you looked fat or we’re worthy – so don’t tolerate it from your own mouth either!

Step Off The Scale (And Stay Off). Your weight is not your worth. It’s not a measure of your health, fitness or attractiveness. For all intents and purposes, it’s more accurately a measure of our mood or anxiety levels than anything else!

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