Relationship Tips To Nurture Self-Love

We spend a lot of time fretting about our relationships – or desire for a relationship – with someone else, yet rarely do we turn cupid’s arrow around onto ourselves and show ourselves some much-needed and well-deserved love. Rather, (if you’re one of the more than 43% of all Americans over the age of 18 who are single every day, in the United States, anyway) you’re likely wallowing in a box of chocolates, pining over co-workers’ roses and feeling down.

So, how can you brighten up the mood today and foster a love affair with yourself?

Buy Yourself Flowers. If the lack of flowers on your desk or in your house is getting you down, send yourself a bouquet. Sure, they may be overpriced, but your happiness is priceless. Not sure what to put on the card? How about “Happy Me Day!”

Cook Dinner for One. Preparing a nice meal for yourself (no, Seamless Web doesn’t count!) is a great way to nourish your body and soul with health, gratitude and love. More likely to be a contestant on Kitchen Nightmares than Top Chef? Head to the prepared section at your local market and add your own personal touch (like sliced avocado or fresh herbs) to a pre-made meal.

Spice it up a notch with these aphrodisiacs!

Dress up your attitude. Nothing perpetuates an “I feel shitty about myself” day more than wallowing around in sweatpants and planting yourself firmly on your couch with a big bowl gallon of Häagen-Dazs. Dress to impress and your mood will follow!

How to dress for a better mood!

Sweat it out. When all else fails, endorphins to the rescue! A great sweat with heart-pumping music will put you in touch with your body, boost your mood and more! Even better, head to the gym with a girlfriend and sweat it out together. Hey – we’d rather release emotions in sweat than tears!

Make a year-round commitment to self-love. Certain days may exacerbate feelings of loneliness (Valentine’s Day, an ex’s birthday), but it’s likely just an expression of feelings you’re feeling (whether consciously or not) throughout the year. Show yourself self-love all year long and on those days, whether you’re single or snagged, you’ll celebrate all kinds of love rather than getting down in your perceived lack of it.

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