5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Stress

How To Preemptively Fight Stress

By Kelly McLendon

Between work, school, friends, and family, life gets stressful every now and again. At least!

Instead of running for the hills or letting the stress get the best of you, though, steer clear of stress with these tips!

Detox with relaxing lavender. Meet stress at your front door and refuse to let it in. Either before you start a hectic day or at the end of one, shower away your stresses with lavender tablets. They’re easily unwrapped and placed on the shower floor so that as your lather up, the tablets release the aroma of lavender, which helps to relax and soothe when you have been – or will be! – on your feet all day. 

Stay active. Use group exercise classes to release tension, anger and stress. If a situation is bothering you, take it out on the Pilates mat or during an hour-long cardio kickboxing class. Use movement to bring the body back into its regular balance.

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Try something new. Suggest a new activity for family and friends. By breaking up the usual routine you’ll be more likely avoid the usual ruts as well.

Write up a budget and stick to it. For a lot of us, stress is primarily caused – or at the very least exacerbated by – swiping the credit card a few too many times. To avoid feeling guilty after spending too much, write out a budget and stick to it. Not only will your wallet be a little heavier, you’ll sigh with relief when your no-higher-than-expected credit card bill arrives.

Enjoy yourself. Sure, you may be spending more time in the office than you’d like – or more time honoring family commitments than you’d prefer, but wherever you are, try to see the good in it. 

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