Massages may seem pricey, but here are 7 health reasons to book a massage today – not counting the fact that you can get $50 massages during Spa Week, which is April 16-22! Just go to for a list of all massages and other treatments available at a spa near you!

7 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

MASSAGE AWAY MIGRAINES. 36 million people in the United States suffer from migraines… and, well, we hope that all 36 million of them know about Spa Week! Tense muscles and stress can aggravate migraine headaches, but visiting a massage therapist for a massage while a migraine is in progress can reduce muscle pain and tension and may even lessen the intensity and increase relaxation.

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MASSAGES KICK CANCER WHERE IT HURTS. Unfortunately, massage can’t cure cancer (we wish it were that easy!), but massage can be an effective complementary (and non-invasive) therapy to traditional cancer treatments since it can help with both the physical pain and emotional turmoil a cancer diagnosis and treatment can entail.

MASSAGE THERAPISTS AS SPA SURGEONS. If you’re in need of surgery, massage therapy has been shown to help relieve anxiety, reduce stress and lower the expectations for pain.

MASSAGE FOR CHRONIC PAIN. Chronic pain (localized pain that lasts for more than 6 months), takes a physical and emotional toll on a person but massage therapy can help relieve general discomfort and stress both of which may help ease chronic pain.

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MASSAGE FOR MOBILITY. If age, injury or illness have left you less mobile than you’d like, massage therapy can relieve pain and increase mobility by stimulating the flow of synovial fluid, eliminating muscle tension and improving joint mobility. Who knew laying on a table could get you up and moving?

MASSAGE FOR NERVE PAIN/SCIATICA. If nerve pain has you on your last, well, nerve, massage is a natural and effective way to treat nerve pain by helping to relax tense muscles that may be putting pressure on the nerve. Plus, massage can improve circulation, decrease inflammation and increase flexibility, all of which can help relieve sciatic pain.

MASSAGE YOURSELF TO SLEEP. Desperately seeking a road map to snoozeville? Massage may help! While medication and lifestyle changes are often used to treat insomnia, insomnia is associated with a lack of serotonin and massage actually increases serotonin levels, making it an ideal, natural method to consider.

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Plus, at only $50 during Spa Week, why wouldn’t you go to for a list of all the $50 massages and other treatments available at a spa near you?!

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