Add Color to Your Life: lessons from a life-coach

By Nitika Chopra

In a world filled with fear based marketing, a rise in deadly epidemics, and what seems like a never ending negative balance in our country’s bank account, some might think that finding happiness is no more than a pipe dream.  I am here to tell you, though, that it is simply not true.  We have countless pressures put on our shoulders on a daily basis, but being happy doesn’t have to be one of those pressures.

Happiness is around you everyday in many moments as long as you are committed to acknowledging the happy in your life.  That is where adding color to your life comes in.  If you take the time to seek the moments where your day feels brighter and more colorful you will find where happiness lives for you.  For some people adding color to their lives could be as simple as cooking a meal with a friend, going for a run while listening to their favorite music, or sometimes buying that Prada bag they’ve been eyeing all season once it finally goes on sale.  Whatever it is for you, pledge to yourself to find out what those simple pleasures are that make you happier and brighter and include them in your life every single day.

Finding happiness and adding color to your life, however, isn’t about winning a race, over-dosing on self-help books, binging on sweets because you love chocolate, or going on shopping sprees due to your love of all things designer (especially if it results in debt!). It is about making happiness a habit and taking action as often as possible in big and small ways.

For me, the different colors in my life shine brightly when I am connected to spirit, joy, love, and creativity. Ask yourself what colors you have in your life as well as which ones you wish you had more of. It is not as hard as it seems. I promise you. And making a commitment to honor yourself in this way can transform your life right before your eyes. To get a start on your daily path to happiness, try some of these simple color adding ideas:

1.  Write someone you love a card and mail it. Let them know how they have brightened your life and that you are grateful for them. When you give to others you allow yourself to receive more so this is a great place to start.

2.  Try changing your day-to-day routine. Even a small change can allow for a new outlook down to the core of your being. Dig around in your closet and pull-out something you haven’t worn in a while or style your hair differently, no change is too small.

3.  Unplug yourself from all electronics for one hour during your day. Allow yourself to disconnect from the constant need to be connected to the world and try, instead, to reconnect with yourself.  Read a book, listen to your favorite song, or clean a part of your home that you have been meaning to get to.

4.  Do your favorite physical activity. Whether it be swimming, running, or a great pilates class, get your mind, body, and soul moving and grooving to a healthier and happier you.